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Mayhew in the Making

Step into the world of Mayhew, where creativity flourishes and self-expression knows no bounds. For the second consecutive year, Mayhew participants have unveiled their artistic talents, creativity, and imagination.

Under the guidance of  Assistant Program Director Jim O’Brien, eleven Mayhew artists dedicated themselves to crafting twenty captivating pieces to form “Mayhew in the Making”, a collaborative exhibit that was displayed at the See Saw Gallery in Manchester. In describing this year’s exhibition, Jim wrote “Mayhew is more than a place, it’s more like a trail to get from one place to another. These works can transform into symbolic markers along their way, embedded with meaning and emotion. Collectively this work could bring a new perspective on campy expressionism.” Amy Regan, owner and operator of the gallery, curated the exhibit for the artists. Several artists made the trip to see their work on display, proud of what they created and eager to show their family and friends.

The majority of the works displayed were created during mentoring trips over the course of the school year and often alongside peers in the community. Jim spoke on the Mayhew artists who took part in the exhibition, noting “Participants in the program love a good challenge and when it comes to creating works of art they don’t shy away from content that is colorfully complicated, and naturally messy. Often the works are intended to be ironic and humorous, but upon deeper reflection one can witness a profound moment of expressive freedom visually recorded in paint and similar media.”


The exhibition and individual pieces can be seen in See Saw Gallery’s Online Gallery.

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