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Summer Counselor Overview

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Working on Mayhew Island is not a typical summer camp job!

For ten weeks, from June 10th to August 15th, eighty-four boys and twenty-five staff will build a uniquely challenging and supportive community on beautiful Mayhew Island. The demands of the job are tremendous, but the rewards of the experience inevitably make the effort worthwhile.

The boys will learn a great deal about how successful they can be when challenged to be their best. So will the staff.

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Some Details

The nature of the job—working with 84 hard-working and appreciative boys in a challenging island setting—requires maturity, patience, dedication, a love of the outdoors, a willingness to learn, a good sense of humor, and the ability to work well with others.


Spending a summer on Mayhew Island requires an absolute commitment to the boys of the program.  There is very limited free time away from the boys and even less time for socializing outside of the program; there are very high expectations for personal behavior and conduct; and the work is fatiguing and emotionally draining. Yet the remarkable efforts of the boys, the camaraderie of the whole community, the sharply focused sense of purpose, and the overwhelmingly good feeling of contributing to a very positive and meaningful experience for the boys is rich beyond measure.


Salaries—with new staff earning $4500 for the season plus a $1000 summer completion bonus —include room and board on a beautiful island and lots of great home cooking served family style.  Work/study and for-credit options are negotiable

PLEASE NOTE: Summer staff must be 18 prior to the first day of work. All employees and volunteers must consent to a police background check.


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