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Summer Kitchen Opportunities

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Head Chef and Assistant Head Chef

Be a part of a uniquely positive community.

The Head Chef ensures that Mayhew Island’s community of 75 boys and staff is served three nutritious meals and one late afternoon snack each day during our summer camp program.


The Assistant Head Chef supports the Head Chef and manages the crew of 14-17 year-old former campers who staff the kitchen.

  • These are full-time seasonal exempt positions (from June 9 until August 15, 2023).   

  • Salary: $800-$1,300/week, depending on role and experience 

  • Free on-site housing available 

This opportunity might be a good fit for you if: 

  • You are interested in teaching and supporting young people in learning how to work effectively and efficiently in a commercial kitchen 

  • You have experience with commercial cooking for 75+ 

  • You can manage and supervise others while leading by example 

  • You are an excellent listener, collaborator, and community-builder 

  • You are detail-oriented, organized, punctual, reliable, and able to prioritize multiple tasks 

Primary responsibilities: 

Menu planning: 

  • Formulate menus that exceed the nutritional requirements of the USDA’s Summer Food Program and fulfill the various dietary restrictions of all community members. 

  • Menus should be varied, creative, and should prioritize fresh ingredients and homemade offerings as often as possible. 

Food Ordering 

  • Order all food and kitchen supplies.   

  • Maintain a strong and positive relationship with all vendors/suppliers. 

  • Adhere to the food budget established in coordination with the Operations Director. 

Food preparation and serving: 

  • Prepare nutritionally balanced, ample, and tasty meals 

  • Serve food family-style in a timely manner. 

Kitchen staff supervision and management: 

  • Coordinate with the assistant cook to ensure that all meals are properly planned for, prepped, cooked, and served on a timely basis 

  • Teach, train, and supervise kitchen staff - most of whom are ages 14-17, former campers, and often in their first job experience. 

  • Role model a professional, results-oriented approach with a warm attitude.  

Kitchen facility management 

  • Take the lead for setting up the kitchen at the start of the season and closing the kitchen at the end of the season. 

  • Take the lead in cleaning, sanitizing, and inspecting all areas maintained by the kitchen staff on a daily basis to exceed New Hampshire Board of Health standards 

To apply, please send your resume to Mayhew’s Operations Director, Ed Thompson at

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