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Planned Giving - Mayhew Legacy Society

Through a planned gift, you can support Mayhew far into the future while also meeting personal financial, tax, and estate planning objectives. With some foresight, it is easy to put a gift planning arrangement in place. You may even be able to give a larger gift in this way than you would otherwise, gaining a reduction in the taxes imposed on your estate and leaving more for your heirs.


There are a variety of ways to provide for Mayhew as well as yourself and your loved ones, such as a simple bequest, donating assets from your qualified retirement plan such as your IRA or 401(k), or giving a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose.  

We would be happy to discuss any of these options with you, as well as any special requests you may have for the eventual use of your gift. Please contact Jennifer Crane, Development Director, at 603-744-6131 or if you or your professional advisor have any questions about your legacy gift plans. 



Including a charitable bequest in your estate plans is a simple way to make a lasting gift to Mayhew. 

The most common and useful gift is an unrestricted bequest for the general charitable purposes of the Mayhew Program. This allows Mayhew to use your gift wherever it is most needed at the time the gift is realized. However, if there is a particular purpose or existing endowed fund you wish to support, we would be happy to help ensure that your gift is directed effectively. 

Bequests may take one of the following forms:

  • A specified dollar amount or percentage of your estate

  • A specified asset, such as securities or real estate

  • A residuary bequest, in which Mayhew receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been satisfied; or  

  • A contingent bequest, in which Mayhew becomes the beneficiary only if the named beneficiary is unable to accept the bequest.

Our suggested language for making a bequest is as follows: “I hereby bequeath ________________________ (specify a dollar amount or percentage of your estate, a specific asset or a residual percentage of your estate) to Mayhew, Inc., a voluntary New Hampshire corporation (Federal Tax ID #23-7423042) with a principal place of business at 293 West Shore Road, P.O. Box 120, Bristol, New Hampshire 03222.” 


If you include a charitable bequest to Mayhew in your estate plan, please let us know of your intentions by documenting your provision or contacting the office so we can welcome you to the Mayhew Legacy Society.  


Beneficiary Designations

You can arrange a lasting legacy that will provide for Mayhew beyond your lifetime by designating Mayhew as the beneficiary to receive assets from one of your accounts, such as a bank, investment or retirement account; a donor-advised charitable giving account; or a life insurance policy or other financial instruments. Designations are made by assigning a percentage of assets to the beneficiary or successor using a form that is entirely separate from your will or living trust. Designations are also flexible and revocable.   

How do I make a designation for Mayhew on one of my accounts?

Simply request a beneficiary change form from your plan administrator and update to include a percentage of the account to be distributed to Mayhew upon passing. Many banks and investments firms have online customer portals to access accounts. It may be possible to designate beneficiaries or successors-in-interest through the submission of a web-based form.  


If you name Mayhew as beneficiary on one of your accounts, please let us know of your intentions by documenting your provision or contacting the office so we can welcome you to the Mayhew Legacy Society.  


Documenting Your Provision

Gift planning arrangements play an important role in helping to ensure Mayhew remains a vibrant, tuition-free, year-round program for the boys. While optional, sharing information about your gift plan for Mayhew confirms that your wishes are understood by Mayhew, now and in the future. 


To inform us of your plans, please download Mayhew’s “Documenting Your Provision” form, complete and sign the form, and return by email or mail. The more information Mayhew has, the better we will be able to facilitate the gift when it is realized.  


Mayhew Legacy Society

The Mayhew Legacy Society recognizes the generosity and thoughtful planning of friends of Mayhew who have made provisions for the program in their philanthropic plans, through beneficiary designations, will or trust provisions, or other legacy arrangements. Mayhew is deeply grateful for our Legacy Society members’ long-term commitment to the boys and to our shared future. 

Anonymous (2) 

Sammy Baldini 

Thomas H. Berry 

Richard H. Beyer 

Brian Bisson 

George & Nancy Bolln 

Michelle & Skip Bowie 

Charles C. Buell 

Stella Burrington 

Alan M. Cantor 

Lisa M. Clark 

Jon & Sharon Eaton  

Audrey & George Hagerman 

Bonnie M. Hunt 

Michael & Mollie Kennedy 

Wilfred R. Keyser, III 

Roger & Carol LaFontaine​

Robert & Sylvia Larsen 

Betty Billipp Lathrop 

Richard & Lorraine Lavalliere  

David & Jean Lincoln

Starr M. Manus 

John P. Merrill 

Jim Nute 

Mark Schiewetz & Judith Buckley 

David H. Souter 

Sandy & Carroll Stafford, Jr. 

Andrew R. Supplee 

Dorothy Zug 

Monica Zulauf 

Please note that the gift planning information Mayhew provides is not legal or financial advice and none of the information on this page should be interpreted as such. We encourage you to consult with your own legal counsel or financial advisor before deciding whether or not to proceed with a gift. 

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