In 2020 and 2021, this is what coming together looked like: We Zoomed.

From January to June 2021, Mayhew held a series of Zoom events that marked key moments in the development and evolution of the program. These sessions were well attended and seemed to be what we all needed - Mayhew. 

Heartwood Media took on the project of condensing four hours of audio and adding great visuals to create a move of Mayhew's History- to this point. 

Follow the link to view the movie. You will hear from the folks that made Mayhew come together and grow—from the late 1960s, moving from the Groton School Camp to Mayhew, right up to the impact of COVID.

View the movie by following the link below.  

For questions about the movie, please contact us at or call (603) 744-6131

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