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Summer Postcard Pals

June, July, August 2024


Join us to participate as a Postcard Pal for the boys at camp on Mayhew Island summer 2024!

Each summer we invite community members to write postcards to the 10-12 year-old boys during their island experience. Postcards, with their entertaining pictures and scenes, are the perfect way to write a short message to the boys. We encourage you to send a joke, a fun nature fact, ask about their camp activities, or share your own camp memories. Writing to the boys is an enjoyable, quick, and easy way to brighten their day! Not only can these postcards boost morale during bouts of homesickness, but they help the boys gain a deeper appreciation for the greater Mayhew community rooting for them beyond the island.

How does being a Postcard Pal work?

  • You can sign up to write to 1, 2 - or even 3! - boys to be your Pals

  • Postcard Pals are asked to commit to writing 6 postcards for each Pal - that's just 2 postcards per week of camp!

  • You can choose to be a Postcard Pal during the first session (June 22-July13), the second session (July 20-August 10), or both!

  • You can mail or drop off your postcards at the Mayhew Office and we'll make sure they get over to the Island for the boys!

Questions? Contact Lisa in the Office at 603-744-6131 or

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