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Three Cheers for our September Volunteers!

The month of September was marked by three inspiring volunteer efforts.

Early in the month an incredible group of eight New Hampton School seniors came out to the island for a service-learning day. It was a full day of hard labor, from chopping and stacking wood to clearing debris from trails - and all work was completed with smiles and good cheer. What an uplifting group of young people working in true Mayhew spirit!

Mayhew once again participated in Granite United Way’s Day of Caring during September. And what a day it was to be buoyed by the dedication and energetic work ethic of this year’s volunteers! With a tremendous group from Bank of New Hampshire, Dartmouth Health, and Newfound Lake locals, many hands took part to swiftly finish the day’s projects. From refinishing the hockey arena floor, to painting a rowboat, to clearing debris, to a good-natured group race to stack wood. Who knew hard work could be so much fun?!

Mayhew ended the month supporting the NH Marathon – what an inspiring day! Mayhew staff, friends, and alumni pitched in throughout race day helping staff the registration tables, serving as road safety volunteers - cheering and encouraging the incredible racers - and keeping the finish line tent stocked with drinks and snacks to replenish the tired runners.

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