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Revealing the Art of Being Mayhew

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Assistant Program Director Jim O’Brien put out the call to all Mayhew participants (as well as alumni and former staff!) asking, what does Mayhew mean to you? 15 Mayhew artists answered, expressing themselves and their thoughts on their summer camp or program experiences through a variety of interesting works. These artists had their pieces professionally displayed in early April at the See Saw Gallery in Manchester in an exhibition titled “Mayhew & the Early Works”.

In describing the exhibition and the artists that participated, Jim O’Brien wrote, “It was no surprise that many of the artists took this opportunity instead to try something new and to be courageous with their creativity. Collectively they moved beyond simply depicting memories but seized on the opportunity to take a chance trying something new, to express their creative vulnerabilities, and unlock their creative strengths.” What is clearly visible from the exhibited works of art, and expressed so eloquently by Jim, is that Mayhew is a community that “celebrates the values of challenge” and that through working on this project, these artists helped each other find both their individual and collective confidence.

Amy Regan, owner and operator of the gallery, worked with Jim O’Brien on this project and curated the exhibit for the artists. The exhibition and individual pieces can be seen in See Saw Gallery’s online gallery.

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