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Passing the Baton at Year's End: A Letter from Jim Nute

Dear Mayhew Friends,

Somehow my first Mayhew summer in 1990 has grown into more than 30 years of serving with some of the most dedicated and talented people I've ever met in support of the incredible boys, participants, and families of Mayhew. What a thrill! What hard work and challenge! What fun! Seeing the boys overcome and put in so much as they run toward their best...It. Is. The best!

I have been changed by these 30 years of running with Mayhew. The boys, families, staff, and trustees have taught me so much about being a professional, about being a good person

- about living. I've tried to give back in kind. I hope I've been more successful than not.

The recent passing of a dear uncle and of Kim's mom and the being with family and thinking about life since has me knowing I need to be more consistently here for my ailing mom and our daughter Emily (who, somehow, is a high school sophomore already). Here in a way that has been increasingly hard for me to manage with the demands of serving in this role and the commute between Dover and Bristol. And so, I have decided it is best for me, my family- and for Mayhew- that I pass the baton to the next runner as of December 31st.

I am excited about the work ahead over the next four months and Mayhew's future beyond (which I am eager to be a part of as a volunteer and fan). We have a team of committed, experienced , intelligent , and talented people on the staff, on the Board, and among Mayhew's many friends. We are in the latter stages of a comprehensive outside evaluation, which will not only help inform this transition, but the years to come as well. Finally, Mayhew is fortunate to have you. Together, we will keep challenging and helping the boys to find their best.

A grateful fellow runner,

Jim Nute

Jim's first summer at Mayhew, pictured (back left) with his cabin group Power Company.

The incredible Nute Family! Pictured (from left to right) are Emily (daughter), Kim (spouse), Cathie (sister), and Jim's Mom.

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