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It's Time for the Mayhew Regatta!

Each summer the Mayhew boys learn to row. As a team, each cabin group practices navigating the large row boats, building their strength, endurance, partnership, teamwork and sportsmanship. All their hard work leads to the Mayhew Regatta, a time trial race around Mayhew Island. This race is a huge challenge for every boy and team, and also one of the most rewarding experiences of the summer.

Last summer, Mayhew invited the boating community on Newfound Lake to join in the fun and cheer on the boys as they rowed around the island. It was such a huge, much needed boost to the boys, that Mayhew has decided to make this a regular invitation! Keep reading for details on this summer's Regatta and how you can participate.

  • There is one Regatta each session - Tuesday, July 11, 2023 and Monday, August 7, 2023

  • Each Regatta takes place between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm approximately. The first boat will start around 9:00 am. The next boat will start 20 minutes later, and each subsequent boat will follow every 20 minutes until all six teams have completed the course. We expect the last team to finish at about 12:00 pm.

  • Spectators are asked to allow more than enough distance for the rowers to pass between the island and spectating boats. Generally, 100' or more outside of the buoys should be fine.

  • Spectators are especially needed on the back half of the course (the north-facing side of Mayhew Island).

  • Please feel free to cheer loudly and encourage the boys as they row!

  • Since this race is a challenge for the boys, spectators may see and hear teams experiencing some rugged moments. We ask that you allow the Mayhew staff (following in chase boats) to guide the teams during those moments.

  • Weather postponement will be posted on The Mayhew Program Facebook page.

We can't wait to welcome the Newfound community to the 2023 Regatta to support the boys through one of the most challenging -- and rewarding -- experiences at Mayhew!

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