Giving appreciated stock held for one year or more is often an excellent way to support Mayhew while receiving favorable tax treatment.

Securities held by your broker or bank may be delivered by wire through the Depository Trust Company (DTC) to our brokerage account. To facilitate the transfer, please contact your broker/bank and provide them with the name of the stock, the number of share you wish to contribute and the following instructions:

Account Name :
Custodian :
DTC Broker # :
Account # :
Mayhew, Inc.
Charles Schwab

To ensure you receive proper credit for your donation, please contact our office at 603-744-6131 or with the following information

  • Your name

  • Name of the stock

  • Number of shares of stock

  • Approximate dollar value of the stock

  • Name of your brokerage firm/contact

NOTE: If you are contributing appreciated securities, please do not instruct your broker to sell the stock and forward the proceeds to Mayhew. This may jeopardize the tax benefits you might otherwise receive.

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