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Penacook Elementary School



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127 Borough Road




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Household Situation:

Landen has lived with his father most of his life. His mother has not been his primary caregiver since at least kindergarten. Mom has struggled with homelessness and addiction. He is able to see her when he visits his maternal grandmother. Mom is currently pregnant.

Landen's father became homeless shortly before COVID. Landen and his father started living with Landen's paternal grandparents. His father's struggles increased, and he was asked to leave. Landen spent time with his paternal grandparents, maternal grandmother, great aunt and uncle. His time seeing his father declined as his father struggled with finding housing and substance issues. Landen's father passed away this spring. Landen's paternal grandparents have become his guardians.

Landen appears to have a positive relationship with all of his grandparents and distant family relatives. He is processing how much can he trust that these relationships are going to remain there for him and if he can trust others. This is due in large part to the experiences he has had over the past year.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Penacook Community Center- after school care
Landen will be trying out for baseball this weekend. He is extremely excited about this opportunity.

Special Assistance:

Landen does have an IEP for a Other Health Impairment - ADHD. He receives occupational therapy and academic services. When Landen was younger he needed school counselor support to help with emotional regulation. Landen has made a lot of growth in this area and counseling supports had been removed from his IEP. This past year, Landen has needed school counselor support to help him with the challenging situations in his life. He also seeks out adults that he has formed trusting relationships and bonds with. Landen does receive counseling services through Riverbend. He receives school based telehealth services at this time.

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:


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Victim of Physical Abuse:

Landen has witnessed domestic violence between his father and various partners over the years. Landen was also present when a dog violently attacked a younger "step sibling" in the fall of last school year. 911- and EMT needed to be called.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

When Landen was younger he expressed all emotions through "outbursts." He would yell, kick furniture, and hit his own head. There was physical behaviors, but not towards others. This year Landen has been referred to emergency services for making comments about wanting to die. This helped move the him up the waiting line to secure a counseling position. Landen is working on expressing all emotions, and has been doing a nice job with this with school personal and his outside clinician. While Landen has made comments about hurting himself, there have been not attempts at self-injury. When talking with Landen, once he is able to process the difficult emotions he typical shares that he really does not want to hurt himself.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Landen is a very sociable young man. He has formed many great relationships with adults at Penacook Elementary School. He tends to be extroverted and loves to share stories with others. Landen can misinterpret situations and can hold onto his perceptions even upon receiving other information. He can interact in the social environment with his peers, but has not formed deep friendships. At times Landen expresses feeling lonely and not accepted by his peer group.

Landen has lots to give others when those social bonds are made. He is kind, warm-hearted, and has a great personality. He wants to develop these relationships with others, but needs help navigating this.

Landen will share that nobody cares about him or can be trusted. I believe most of this is connected to the events that have occurred in his personal life: moving between various caregivers, a weak relationship with his mother, and losing his father.

Behavioral Patterns:

Landen can have an event quickly bring on a skewed perception. This can result in stuck thinking. Landen needs adult help to process, see alternative view points and move on. He is able to do this most of the time with adult supports. Again Landen does not have a group of close friends but he fits in with his peer group. He is friendly to all people and wears his heart on his sleeve. Landen is liked by all staff. Many have gone out of their way to support Landen during this difficult time because they feel a bond. Like many boys his age he will avoid things that are uncomfortable or challenging. With coaching and support he can tackle these tasks.


Landen is a great kid. He is kind, has a big personality, a great imagination, and is willing to accept help. He has a big shield up to protect himself, and will talk about men not being able to cry and how he does not want to be angry. However, he will take the help to work through these emotions. Landen needs a positive male role model to help him experience all emotions and healthy ways of working through the difficult feelings. He gravitates towards woman to help comfort him other than the father that he has lost.

In general, Landen has a positive upbeat attitude. He is not a behavior in the school setting. He can be trusted to take a quiet space to reregulate and do what is needed. I truly believe that Mayhew is what Landen needs to find the leader within himself. He has discovered passions... cars, drawing, cooking, and a desire to be in the armed forces. He needs guidance to help these passions flourish and to find his inner voice.

Landen has had many difficult situations in his life. Landen has faced this trauma with strength and grace. Many adults would not have carried themselves through these situations as strong. Landen needs a mentor to help him see how truly strong he is.