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Bakersville School



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169 Bell St

Apt 1




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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Javien resides with his mother, Destiny and 8 year old brother, Xavier. They do not have their own housing. Currently, they are doubled up with a friend of Destiny's, sharing the apartment. Prior to this, they lived with a different family in a shared living space. Javien's brother, Xavier, has many behavioral issues. He receives specialized educational services at school. At requires a great deal of attention both at school and at home and Javien grows resentful of this at time as Xavier's behavior often impacts what Javien is able to do at home. Javien seems to lack trust in his mom. She has moved them and put them in unsafe and unstable situations. At times she does not follow through on what he expects and this causes him to be very sad or angry. An example is she did not give him a gift for his birthday and his anger about this resulted in him getting punished.

Additionally, Javien's biological father passed away this past January 2022 from COVID. He did not spend time with his father consistently, though he resided with him for a period of time a few years back. Regardless, Javien identifies with his dad and feels they have similar traits.

Destiny has a boyfriend. He does not currently live with them. Javien think he is a "good guy".

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Javien was participating in the 21st Century After School program on a consistent basis. He is not currently attending this new session. I have encouraged Destiny to get Javien invovled in some programming by where they are living, Salvation Army or PALS center, but he is not enrolled in anything quite yet.

Special Assistance:

Javien does not have an IEP. He receives school based mental health counseling, one session per week and a weekly social skills group.

Health Concerns:

no health concerns

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

None to my knowledge

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

none to my knowledge

Victim of Physical Abuse:

Yes, Javien has been exposed to domestic violence. DCYF was previously invovled with the family due to reports of the boys (Javien and his brother) being hit by mom's boyfriend.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Javien is not aggressive. He internalizes his feelings. When struggling with difficult emotions, Javien has expressed thoughts of wanting to die.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Javien has many strengths. He knows how to be a friend and has many positive peer relationships as a result. He is quick to share and help out others. As many children his age, he has a strong desire for fairness so he can get upset when he perceives situations or circumstances as unfair. He is hard on himself and wants to faster, smarter, stronger. He is artistic and expressive. He plays cooperatively---I don't see him as a strong leader or follower. He is a friend to all.

Behavioral Patterns:

As mentioned, Javien internalizes his feelings. When he is struggling, he will "shut down" and it takes time and patience for him to open up and get to the bottom of an issue. Providing this wait time is key as well as opportunity for him to think about and express what is bothering him in a safe setting. When he is non-communicative, it can be frustrating to figure out what is wrong. The behavior can look like refusal. He is able to process very well after and in his own time.


I highly recommend Javien Tetreault for the Mayhew program. I think he would benefit greatly from having his own experience, separate from his brother, Xavier. Mayhew would provide opportunities that Javien does not have access to. He is a vibrant boy who would dive into new activities with great spirit. I also think he would benefit a great deal from working through challenges in a safe, supportive setting. His life has been a series of struggles be that unstable living situations, violent relationships, and many "let downs". His possessions come and go and everything is shared (the apartment, the playstation, much of the clothing). Mayhew would allow Javien the chance to be himself, offer some independence and mentorship that is craving. I try to work on hopes and dreams with Javien. Mayhew would be the perfect place for him to be in the moment and think about the future all at once. This could be life changing for him.