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St Onge

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Prenda Learning Pod



Guardian Info:

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Last Name:

St Onge


10 Davis Lane

New Boston



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Living Situation:


Jacoby was adopted from foster care and lives with his adoptive parents and 6 other siblings

Financial Situation:



Free/Reduced Lunch:






How many live in the household?


How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

Jacoby has no contact with bio parents. Bio mom is an addict and bio dad has passed due to OD. Jacoby has been through immense trauma and neglect prior to being placed into foster care and he struggles with the effects of that trauma. He has run away multiple times. He is working hard on himself through therapy and daily living to better himself but he will have lasting effects from his very early childhood.

Jacoby lives with his 6 other siblings and his two adoptive parents. Adoptive mom, me, stays home to manage the house because childcare would be far too expensive. Adoptive dad works full time.

Jacoby gets along well with his adoptive siblings. He has a very challenging relationship with his two bio siblings and it’s very off and on where he often tries to take on the parental role to them, which is likely what it was like before here.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Fast forward - Heather Medlock is a referring person as well

Special Assistance:

Prior to this year, he was in public school with an IEP for school help and behavioral needs. He needed the 1:1 classroom time outside of his large class. He struggled greatly in public school. He will return to public schooling either next school year or the following.

Health Concerns:

None - he does take medication daily.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

This is unknown

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:

Yes - bio parents were extremely abusive. Jacoby has scars all over his head. He remembers being picked up and being thrown, hit, kicked, etc.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

He has runaway a handful of times from home. He has damaged things in the home. He can be impulsive in the moment of anger. He becomes like hulk strong when he’s angry, years ago he would move furniture/rearrange the room he was in to block doors, etc. This behavior has not resurfaced in at least 2 years, the destructive to property/rooms etc. He hasn’t ever hit/hurt any other person.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Jacoby is a follower but can take the lead role if he’s confident enough in himself. He is shy to make friends/talk to someone first but warms up and then is able to be friendly. He can be a bit bossy and can get upset if others don’t follow the rules. He is more hesitant with adult relationships but if the adult is persistent and shows Jacoby they aren’t going anywhere, he will open up. Once that trust is there, the relationship means the world to him

Behavioral Patterns:

Jacoby is diagnosed with ODD with conduct disorder. With his meds, his mood swings/defiance is more controlled so we don’t see as much of the cycle of behavior. He does talk himself up in sports, and rightfully so, he’s a great athlete but he does let his confidence get in the way with new kids/team and often under performs. He can have a hard time following the coaches instructions because he sees a better play/opportunity and it can be frustrating for the coaching staff as well as the team.


Jacoby would greatly benefit from this program. Having something to look forward to every summer, the mentor during the year and building positive interaction between peers and adults. He’s had a rough start at life and who knows when the trauma he’s faced will show itself again and lead him to his next struggle. He’s put in so much work thus far and I know he will continue to grow with a program like this. Something unique for himself, no one else in the family, it’s his own thing.

While day to day living and routines have been something Jacoby’s been able to adjust to in the past few years, he can and does still struggle. Some days he just doesn’t want to do anything unless it’s on his terms, this creates conflict. He has come a long way since day 1 but still has some ways to go. His behaviors at this point don’t stop him from functioning day to day where they used to. He is such a sweet kid, a hard worker and eager to try new things, he just may need some extra explanation and reassurance before he tries them.