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Beech St Elementary School



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241 Union St





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Living Situation:

Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Mom fled their last home working with a domestic violence support/intervention program, and came to Manchester with their assistance. Mom reports that Armani has been aggressive toward his sister. He does express remorse. Mom is concerned that due to his large frame, often peers will "challenge" him and he has learned to use his size to his advantage. She has referred Armani for counseling services in the community. He does not have any contact with his biological father and there is a current restraining order against his father.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Kids café with salvation army occasionally

Special Assistance:

IEP- SLD He does not have an aid.

He participates regularly in a Guidance "social group" and meets weekly with a counselor at school.

He is engaged with a therapist from Amoskeag Health Services, for in school counseling. He participates well in counseling.

Mom has referred him to Greater Manchester Mental Health Center- they are waiting for the appointment to complete an intake.

Health Concerns:

skin picking- mom reports that if he has a scab or mark on his skin he will pick at this until it bleeds.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

none known

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

He has exposed his genitals to his same aged male cousin and sister at home on one occasion. Mom has processed the event with him but will continue to "teach" boundaries as she is concerned that due to his learning disability he may not fully understand that ramification of this action.

Victim of Physical Abuse:

Domestic violence at home, His father was abusive toward the family and there is a restraining order. Mom reports that when he was 2 or 3, she observed a raised red "hand print" on him following time with his father and paternal grandmother.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Armani has been aggressive toward his sister at home and occasionally has been in minor conflict at school. He does not display physical aggression toward his peers in school but does at times struggle to understand social cuing and what his best options are in peer interactions. He is older than the majority of his classmates and much bigger physically. This physical distinction coupled with his learning disability and slow processing speed may lead to situations when unfamiliar, Armani may stumble through. Mom reports that he picks at his skin. This has not been observed at school and could be a manifestation of anxiety.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Armani is more reserved and introverted. Mom reports that he was "selectively mute" during his early years and at the start of school. He does well with his teachers and adults at school but may be easily overwhelmed in peer interactions. He may be easily led into verbal conflict with peers due to his processing speed. Mom feels that his self esteem is low. He is friendly at school and responds well to adults that are consistent in their expectations and behavior.

Behavioral Patterns:

There do not appear to be any particular "behavioral patterns" that Armani engages in. He may struggle more with a peer if he is not supported in initial problem solving. He may not be able to process all of the possible responses to a situation if "pressured" to make a decision, as can happen in peer interactions.


Armani's strengths are his ability to connect with adults and his desire to please them. He works well in his guidance counselor supported social group as well as with his therapist here at school.

Below is a comment from the school counselor at school.

"Armani lives in a single parent household with his mother and sister. He tends to be on the quieter side and struggles when picking positive peer relationships. He is respectful of adults here at school, however mom does report that she struggles with him being respectful at home and being kind to his sister who is younger than him. Armani wants to do well, and when placed with positive peers he has done well in social groups with me here in the counseling office. He appears soft spoken and I have also seen him redirect peers that have been engaging in negative behaviors. "