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Gilford Elementary School



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18 High View Circle




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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Kainan lives at home with his mother, older sister and younger brother. Kainan is a very protective and caring older brother who looks out for his little brother. Kainan's grandmother also lived with them, but she passed away in December of 2019 and that took an emotional toll on the family as she was a staple in everyone's life. Kainan's mother is very aware of her children's strengths and weaknesses and does an incredible job of following through to insure they all have the appropriate support and tools. Kainan's mother has never reached out to me with regard to assistance with managing his behavior at home as she takes a very proactive role. Kainan's father was incarcerated in the United States in another state for most of Kainan's young life; two years ago he was deported back to his home country of Sierra Leone. Kainan has never had consistent contact with him and has not spoken with him for well over a year.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Kainan is very active in youth sports. Football is his primary passion and has participated on youth football teams for a number of years. At school, Kainan participates in a before school program called "Green Pandas" which meets once a week before school starts to help keep our recycling program going.

Special Assistance:

Over the course of Kainan's 5 years at Gilford Elementary school I have checked-in with him throughout the course of the school years, but he has never had regular guidance visits.

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When Kainan was in preschool his behavior was deemed volatile, however, upon his entry here at GES we have not had an instance of outward aggression that would require us to clear a classroom.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Kainan is extroverted and tries to establish himself as a leader. Both myself and his teacher have spent time this year coaching him on how to be a leader that can get people to follow, as opposed to just telling kids what to do. Kainan is a presence in his classroom and desperately craves the attention of his peers. Some peers adore him and others are turned off by his boisterousness and need to direct what happens during recess. He has made big gains this year in terms of taking his foot off the "needs to be in charge" pedal. I believe a lot of Kainan's persona to his peers is bravado because he lacks some self-confidence. Kainan has always been a child who responds best to an adult or authoritative figure with whom he trusts and can listen to his perspective and coach him through his emotions.

Behavioral Patterns:

Kainan definitely struggles with owning his actions and often will say any conflict is a result of someone else's reactions and choices. As we have moved into the 3rd trimester of 4th grade he is starting to phrase conflict resolution with his own actions as opposed to the responses of others. He will need continued coaching and guidance in this area, but he can do it with consistent examples and reminders. Kainan is athletically and academically competitive. He does very well academically and he is very athletic. Humility has been something we have worked on in school and how that can make others feel when he requires a lot of praise or attention for doing something well. Again, I feel like the bravado and bragging is his way of compensating for the way he really feels about himself.


Kainan has the potential to be an incredible leader both on and off the field and in and out of the classroom. He is bright, capable, talented and driven. I think sports are a great avenue for him to foster these skills and hone in on his self-confidence; I do believe he needs something more given the absence of his father, loss of his grandmother and recognizing the ethnic, cultural and socio-economic differences between him and his peers. Giving Kainan the opportunity to be in an environment that focuses on prosocial growth, self-confidence, problem solving and peer relationships can help him grow as an individual. Middle school begins at 5th grade in Gilford and if I can give Kainan an opportunity to grow, I think it will make that transition all the more successful. His presence in his grade level has the potential to create calm instead of constant competition. I feel if he can learn that lesson and find his confidence he will lead his peers by example and they will follow his lead. When I think of Kainan I think of a boy who needs more than just school and sports. There is so much untapped potential within him. I am a huge advocate for outdoor education and experiential learning. I think it builds kids and youth in ways that sports and academics don't cover. His mother is incredibly supportive and proactive in his success and whatever opportunities I can help her give her oldest son, the more it will validate the hard work she puts in everyday by herself. I would love to see Kainan have this opportunity to grow to his full potential.