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Dover Middle School



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37 Pleasant View Circle




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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Aiden lives in Dover Public housing with his mother and two younger siblings. His younger sister has a seizure disorder that often requires medical attention. Aiden's mother tries hard to provide a stable home for her family, but it can be challenging at times. Aiden cares deeply for his mother and siblings, but struggles to balance his love for them with with the frustration he sometimes feels.
About a year ago Aiden began having contact with his father for the first time. They are beginning to developing a relationship.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:


Special Assistance:

Aiden was found to qualify for Special Education Services 2/8/2021. Aiden has been identified with Emotional Disturbance due to findings of depression and anxiety. He received a secondary identification as Other Health Impaired for his ADHD diagnosis.
When we were in school in person, Aiden spent a great deal of time with myself in the School Counseling office. He also participated in a socialization group with other 5th grade boys.

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:

None that I'm aware of

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

None that I'm aware of

Victim of Physical Abuse:

None that I am aware of

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

None that I am aware of towards others
There have been times Aiden has spoken about not wanting to be alive, but he has never acted on these thoughts.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Aiden is an awesome kid. He is rather introverted and prefers the company of individuals who have gotten to know him and treat him respectfully. Aiden has a huge heart, he cares about his family, animals, the earth and humanity. Because of these big feelings, he can often experience distress when he hears about mistreatment of the environment, animals or people. He is extremely bright and pays attention to what is going on in the world around him.
Once Aiden has had a chance to get to know an adult and he trusts them, he will treat them with respect and open up to them about his thoughts and feelings. However, when adults jump to assumptions and discipline him without taking the time to talk the issue through with Aiden, he becomes frustrated and begins to shut down, making it difficult for headway to be made.
Aiden has few friends as he struggles to connect with kids his own age. He really wants friends, but due to his inability to regulate his emotions, peer relationships can be difficult to maintain.
Aiden is very bright, but lacks confidence in his abilities and intelligence. He thrives on positive reinforcement, feeling heard and useful.

Behavioral Patterns:

Aiden holds a special place in the hearts of those who really get to know him. His love for the earth and everything and everyone on it. He really wants to make the planet we live on a better place. When Aiden believes someone or something has been done wrong, he can become verbally aggressive in defense of that person or thing. I have never known Aiden to get into a physical fight, but he can get loud and angry with both peers and adults. What then becomes difficult is, talking Aiden down from his distress. He will go with a trusted adult to a quiet location and will talk with them, but it takes time for him to come down from that anger.


I spent a lot of time with Aiden last year. He loved to talk with me about his pet cats and how much they meant to him and how he could take care of them and keep them safe when they went outside. Aiden would bring his work down and was able to focus and get through difficult math and challenging writing assignments needing very little academic support, but needing lots of emotional support. Aiden has a great sense of humor, able to joke and make light of silly situations. Again, once he has the trust of the people interacting with him, he can be fun, encouraging to others, and patient. The relationship is the key.

Aiden's love for the outdoors and his need to form supportive, positive relationships with peers and adults, I believe makes him a great candidate for Mayhew.

**Aiden was referred for Mayhew in 5th grade, but due to Covid was not able to follow through with the application process.