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East Rochester



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11 Corson Street




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Jessica Littlefield

Living Situation:

Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Dallas and his mother Jessica and little brother Colton have been living in Jessica's mothers house. Jessica's mother was there until she died in November. Jessica's sister also lives there and is very helpful with the children. Dallas's brother Colton is in a specialized program at St. Charles. He was unable to cope in public education and was placed there a few months after arriving here at ERS. It is a challenge for Dallas at home as there are a lot of fights with his brother. Both boys see the father sporadically. It has been a little more regular recently, but there were longer stretches with out contact last year. Jessica has her hands full and works as well.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Dallas did not do football this year due to the pandemic, but did play last fall. It was very good for him.

Special Assistance:

Dallas had been a special education student until recently when his academics indicated he no longer qualified. If his mother were to follow through on attentional issues or anxiety, he could qualify under a health impairment. He is still seeing me for counseling weekly and has support in class from the special ed para. He needs a lot of support to stay on task.

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:


Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:


Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:


Required Physical Restraint:

No, however, he has had some pretty severe avoidant behavior in school which can require extra management. This past year is not as bad as the past before that.

Personality / Social Standing:

Dallas can be really avoidant of tasks he perceives as hard. He is reluctant to try and thus does not learn as well as he could. He is masterful at drawing in adult attention and help. Luckily, this year's teacher is also masterful at giving him attention while redirecting him to the task at hand. He does pretty well with peers and really enjoyed football, which gave him something to feel good about. I don't see Dallas as either a leader or a follower.

Behavioral Patterns:

Probably the biggest behavior issue Dallas has is avoiding work, or trying to draw someone else in to do for him. It really surprised me this year when he was reevaluated for special education and did not qualify based on testing. He is more capable than I thought!! He does well with adults who form the relationship with him and then gently steer him to do the work he can, with lots of encouragement and attention but minimal help.


Dallas is yet another boy in need of strong, positive and gentle male role models. (In other words, the men of Mayhew) His relationship with his father is shaky at best. He also would really benefit from activities where he learns to give it his best and can grow from there. There were changes when he started football in his self esteem and confidence. He was excited and proud and I think as he grows in one area we will see more growth academically along with it. He is a nice kid- not vindictive or mean in anyway- so your biggest challenge that I can predict is when he perceives something is hard.

During remote schooling last year, Dallas completely shut down and refused to work. His mother was struggling with doing her work to keep her job and was not able to help at all in getting him logged into meets or doing work. I think this about summarizes the problems at home- his mother is overwhelmed with her own life, then has two kids and Dallas's brother gets the attention first as his behavior is a lot more escalated.

I also would like to see Dallas have something that is his- to give him a break from a tough younger brother and allow him a break.