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Pleasant Street School



Guardian Info:

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103 blueberry lane #70




Guardian/Family Phone:

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(603) 273-2165

Living Situation:


Mother and stepfather

Financial Situation:



Free/Reduced Lunch:






How many live in the household?


How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

Brian lives with mother, Laura, stepfather, David and sisters Sophia and Brookelynn. He has other siblings that he does not see but wishes he did. Sometimes he argues with siblings but they love each other and have a good connection. He has no contact with his biological father since 2 years old and sporadically asks which triggers an abandonment response especially because he knows the other siblings have some contact with his father. Brian asked David if he could legally adopt him. David and Brian like to fish together, and they are building a bob house for the family. He also has a good relationship with Laura. It is evident after meeting with Laura and David that both parents are quite loud and overbearing but all of the children are quiet and withdrawn.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

He isn't involved in any organizations.

Special Assistance:

Brian has an IEP and receives academic services. He does not have regular guidance visits and does not have a one on one aid.

Health Concerns:

No health concerns at this time. Laura stated that when Brian was a baby his biological father dropped him on his head. He had two skull fractures and was at DHMC. When Laura explained this, she talked more about DCYF being called and her being mad at Brian's father than what Brian went through.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

He does not have a history of being a victim of sexual abuse.

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

He does not have a history as a perpetrator of sexual abuse.

Victim of Physical Abuse:

His father dropped him on his head when he was a few months old and had two skull fractures but unsure if it was abuse.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

He does not have any history of threatening or aggressive behavior towards himself or others.

Required Physical Restraint:

He has never required a physical restraint.

Personality / Social Standing:

Brian is truly an introvert and emotional but has a hard time voicing his emotions. He loves cars. Sometimes he is a leader and other times he is a follower. He is more of a follower when he is with his friends. He doesn't have the confidence to be a leader. He responds well to authority but parents can tell when he is upset with what they are asking him to do. His self esteem is very low. He has a very sensitive side and his parents feel like he needs to work on learning how to use his voice and express himself without feeling like he is going to get in trouble or someone will pick on him for expressing himself. Most concerning to us was how his stepfather stereotyped Brian as feminine and a pansy.

Behavioral Patterns:

Brian does not get in fights and doesn't blame others for his behaviors. He usually just shuts down and won't tell the truth if he does something wrong. His dependence on video games and devices gets in the way of doing his chores and life in general. He tries to get out of things he doesn't want to do. He is a pretty quiet kid and doesn't want to upset others. He does cry at times but has been better this year thanks to the hybrid schedule and a smaller class size which shows that he can grow and is maturing. He has a hard time accepting responsibilities and he plays his parents against each other.


It has been an honor to get to know his boys background and witness how much he needs this opportunity. On the surface Brian is an introvert and complies with requests that might not be best for him. On the inside he is a little boy who has never had any males in his life that have accept him for who he is. Spending summers on the island will give Brian an opportunity to try find his voice and make friends with boys his own age. It is so important for Brian to have adults that accept him for who he is so that he can gain the self confidence he will need as he enters Laconia Middle School. Brian is sensitive, smart with computers, and he can be very caring and helpful. His mother has a realistic view of Brian and knows how much of an impact that Mayhew can have on his life. He would rather be in the house on electronics than outside with his family, and his parents really want him to get out of that habit. His stepfather, David Dow, was at Mayhew in 1997-1998 and knows how much Brian could benefit from this program.