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Broken Ground School



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12 Eastern Ave., Unit 5

Concord, NH



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Living Situation:


Guardian and guardian's boyfriend

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How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

Eli's biological mother has a history of drug abuse and gave guardianship to her best friend when Eli was in second grade. This friend (who Eli calls "mom") later cut ties with Eli's biological mother, because of ongoing drug use. Eli has not had contact with his biological father since he was very young and does not remember much about him. From what Eli has said about seeing his father when he was younger, he lives in Miami. When he was young, he was essentially homeless for a period of time from what we can tell, as he talks about moving often from one person's house to another with his litter sister. Since second grade, Eli has lived in a small apartment with his guardian, her boyfriend, Eli & his biological sister and two older children, who Eli calls his siblings. Eli has a good relationship with his "mom," but she works two jobs and is often not at home.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

He participated in football in the fall. He is not involved with any ongoing programs

Special Assistance:

He is on a CICO (check-in/check-out) behavior plan, where he earns points throughout the day in order to earn a break with student support staff at the end of the day

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:


Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:


Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Eli has become verbally aggressive when he perceives a threat, but very rarely has had any physical interaction with another student (about the same as many other 4th grade boys). No history of threatening to harm himself

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Eli is extroverted and loves spending time with his friends. He constantly questions (and initially resists) authority but is redirectable. He is a leader among his peers but needs guidance on setting a positive example. He has low self-esteem and he tends to compensate by putting others down in areas that he is skilled at (mostly sports; he's a good athlete). Most of his interactions with his peers are positive.

Behavioral Patterns:

When Eli feels threatened or believes someone is insulting him, he tends to lash out (verbally). He responds similarly when he perceives that someone has slighted one of his friends as well. He insults people and lately has made references to ethnicity and skin color in those moments (Eli is Black himself but will comment to someone who has darker skin and also commented to one of the students from Nepal that that music is not "regular" music). He seems to have the underlying belief that he is in charge and everyone should be following what he says. At times, he can be defiant and will try to pick and choose when he wants to listen.


Eli has so much potential to become a leader. He is well-liked among his peers, has a great sense of humor, and is very athletic. A positive male role model has been the glaring missing thing throughout his life. His guardian works hard to help him make positive choices but she is somewhat overwhelmed by her own circumstances. Eli gravitates towards a group of older boys in the neighborhood who are not good influences on him. He has tried a vape pen when he was with them and he is familiar with slang terms pertaining to drugs, alcohol, and sex that are well beyond his years. Eli constantly acts as if he is trying to prove himself. This leads him to think he knows better than adults (and so will be defiant at times), put others down when he is better at something, and be very defensive when he believes he (or a friend) has been insulted in some way. These all lead to ongoing behavior issues at school, and he is at-risk to be thought of as a "bad kid" when he gets older. The bigger worry is that he continues to gravitate towards the older, tougher neighborhood boys and actually does start to internalize some of their attitudes/actions.