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Henry J McLaughlin



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81 South Mammoth Road




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Household Situation:

Bernie lives with his grandparents and younger brother. Both his bio parents are heroine addicts and Bernie has been in the care of his grandparents starting when he was 3 and permanently around the age of 5/6. He has no contact with bio dad and bio mom visits occasionally. Bernie has a great relationship with his grandparents and a challenging love/hate relationship with mom. He gets along well with his younger brother but only socializes with him occasionally.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

21st Century after school program

Special Assistance:

Bernie has an IEP and receives weekly guidance visits in the form of a social skills lunch group.

Health Concerns:

He is in good psychical health, his mental health is where most of the concerns lie based on childhood trauma.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:


Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:

I don't think so but I am not entirely sure what occurred when he was in mom's care.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

He can get very upset and make poor choices but they have never been physical, he usually retreats into himself and cries.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Bernie is a bright and good kiddo, he desperately wants to make friends and be accepted but his social skills are severely lacking and he chooses to try and make friends with the wrong type of kids. He does not read social queues particularly well and often over reacts in social situations that do not go his way. He means well, he just lacks the skills. When he is dysregulated he tends to cry or walk away and get upset. He is fixated on justice. An example is if there is a rule like no one is allowed to wear hats and then someone wears one he cannot get past it and gets upset that not everyone is held to the same standard. He perseverates on the negative and has very low self esteem. When he's in a regulated place, he is kind and well mannered. He is respectful to adults and is able to take direction well.

Behavioral Patterns:

His behavior patterns center around his socialization. He wants to make friends but he does not know how and then he gets rejected and his self esteem takes a big hit. He then self deprecates and tries to get the boys who rejected him in trouble. He knows how to push their buttons because the kids he chooses to make friends with are dysregulated themselves. This cycle perpetuates his negative self talk. I have been working on introducing him to other students who are not as dysregulated and when he is in a controlled, structured interaction he does really well.


I am concerned about this student's self esteem and inability to connect to peers his own age. I would really love to help him connect with other kids around his age in a positive social environment to help build his self esteem so that when he starts back to school next year he feels more confident in himself which in tern will hopefully help him seek out appropriate friendships with kids that actually want to be his friend. I think the Mayhew program would be a great fit because this kiddo needs structure and support and strong male relationships. While he loves his grandfather, he has grown up without a dad. He experienced a great deal of trauma in his young life and while some professionals I work with are questioning Autism, I think it's his trauma background that is the driving factor. He doesn't have a lot to do in the summer since his grandparents work. Grandma is out of work right now due to back surgery which has been tough for Bernie. I think a program with mentorship is exactly what he needs this summer.