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Broken Ground



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179 Loudon Rd #1




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179 Loudon Rd #1

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2 parents

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Household Situation:

Family, from our perspective, seems stable at this point. History of one parent incarcerated. Some domestic tension, ? alcohol abuse. Last year was very stressful for the family; however judging by Kevin's school behavior and growth, this year has been far more stable.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

attends our 21c afterschool program four days/week.

Special Assistance:

He has two full days in the ELL classroom for academic support as well as two in person days with his class, so has been in school in person this year.

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Personality / Social Standing:

Kevin is thoughtful and has leadership qualities that we saw for the first time at the beginning of his fourth grade year when for a month we had an outdoor classroom. After initially being very school avoidant, he took the lead in work projects, demonstrated building and organizing skills, and the confidence he developed spilled over into his attitude about academics. He responds well to authority and is thoughtful about his peers. His self esteem, formerly very low, has improved a lot this year. He is still hesitant about his low reading skill, although this is also an area of improvement.

Behavioral Patterns:

I feel like Kevin has had a fantastic year both academically and socially, but remains at risk because of his home situation which has been volatile in the past, and because of the negative influences of others in his immediate housing complex. I never would have predicted last year, when K. seemed so lost and confused, that I would be writing reports this year about his striking gains in our challenging grade level math curriculum (he is at grade level and at times above), and how he has developed so many of the student behaviors (perseverance, grit, study habits) that are the foundations of success. He has gone from being work avoidant to being the kind of kid that writes out the times tables on sticky notes and pockets them to study at home. We have run a zoom bedtime story program and he attends every night. Recently, as an award for a stem challenge, Kevin took home a Lego robot project with incredibly complicated directions. Our stem teacher was stunned to have him bring in the completed project the next day-- done entirely independently (very little home support available-- parents doing shift work, two needy younger sibs.) Never, she said, had anyone been able to successfully persevere with that particular set of directions before.


Its clear from what I've already written that Kevin is a boy with tremendous potential. Opportunities for him at home are limited to none, and he has very little supervision at home. What we've seen this year is a kid capable of rising to the challenges of a complicated school schedule eagerly. with a sense of purpose and a newly developing desire not just to succeed, but to excel. I'm not sure when or if I've ever seen a student turn things around to this extent before. At the beginning of this school year, he was my biggest worry, and I actually called his pastor-- an influential community spokesperson who many of my families trust, to share my concerns. His response was that he would ask the parents not to fight in front of the children, but rather behind closed doors or when they were not at home. This gave me a sense of what the household could be like. I feel like Kevin's successes, which we've tried to share with his parents, have also created a positive feedback loop that has helped our communication with them, and bolstered is resolve in school. Last year we had remote summer school, and Kevin was a total no show-- cruising through other kid's apartments and running when he saw school happening on someone else's screen. This year, as I've said, starting with our outdoor classroom, he's made a complete turnaround. He's been responsible, reliable, motivated -- a real team player and such a good friend to others.