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Symonds School



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18 Finch St




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Single mother w/live in partner

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Household Situation:

Sylas lives with his custodial mother Dawn, who is divorced from his non-custodial mother. Sylas has been primarily an only child and has several pets (2 ferrets, 2 cats, 2 dogs). Later, Dawn was in another relationship, which Sylas had experienced in the household. As Dawn shared, these relationships were unhealthy and caused acting out issues for Sylas. Until a few months ago, Sylas situation at home has been chaotic and stressful. Dawn is now divorced and in another relationship with a woman and her son. Sylas has very minimal contact with his non-custodial parent, as she lives in another state and in recovery. Sylas has great relationships with his aunt and cousins that live in town, visiting frequently and his grandmother (Dawn’s mother) that lives in Connecticut, whom he visits. Sylas has endured several changes throughout his young years, and not really had the opportunity to build a relationship with his non-custodial mother. During the pandemic, remote schooling has been a challenge for Sylas as his home is often noisy, small and stressful.

Sylas has been actively engaged in the YMCA program since he was an infant, both daycare and summer programs. There have been occasions that he has been asked to leave for the day due to behavioral issue

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

None at this time

Special Assistance:

Sylas receives special education services through an IEP, due to challenges with attention. He sees the school counselor on a regular basis to support emotional needs.

Health Concerns:


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Personality / Social Standing:

Sylas is a child with a good heart. He wants to be a helper and is not intentionally unkind to others. He is a friendly active boy who enjoys being involved with adults and children. Other children like him. Sylas requires coaching to engage other children in appropriate ways. His verbal impulsivity and lack of body space awareness can get in his way. He is unsure about joining in play our a conversation. At times, he will try to get get attention in negative ways (being goofy at inappropriate times). Sylas requires support with social problem solving to help him become aware of how his words and actions impact others. Sylas will take ownership for his behavior but has a hard time changing his behavior. Impulsivity gets in his way.
He tends to follow the group more than lead.
Sylas is a child of few words when it comes to talking about himself or discussing feelings. He needs the prompting of an adult who he has a solid relationship with to have that type of conversation.
Sylas is he loves animals, especially dogs. This topic will always bring a smile to his face.

Behavioral Patterns:

Attention, impulsivity and stamina interfere with his ability to engage in group activities and follow expected routines. Following directions can be challenging. Sylas seeks movement and frequently has to be made aware of other's personal space and to slow down. His behavior can be disruptive to group activities. He takes redirection when prompted but can't generalize the direction to the next situation. He is not aggressive towards peers or adults.


Sylas is a good natured child who has managed many significant family stressors in his young life, including separation from his mothers. Routine and consistency have been difficult for his family. Daily life changes and the pandemic have contributed to this endless cycle of inconsistency. He seeks positive adult relationships and would benefit from an environment that could provide positive coaching and feedback to help him grow socially and emotionally. Sylas' custodial mother and grandmother sought out Mayhew as a place that might provide this environment.