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Bakersville School



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73 Ahern St




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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Nyok Luwal and his 4 siblings (3 older, one younger) reside in MHRA housing development, Elmwood Gardens with their mother, Alek. Until recently, their father, Nyok lived in the home with them as well. Due to domestic violence, Mr Luwal is not able to live in the home. This has been a significant change for the family. Alek is overwhelmed and the home environment lacks structure. Older siblings often care for younger siblings and one older brother is involved in negative behaviors in the community.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Nyok participates in the Elmwood Homework program that takes place two days per week. His attendance at the program is inconsistent, but starting to show some improvement. One of the mentors at the program is putting forth much effort to connect Nyok in a positive way. Nyok started out by playing on the school basketball team this year, but he did not finish the season. While many efforts were put forth by the coaches to engage Nyok, he did not receive much support at home to attend practices and games and ultimately quit the team.

Special Assistance:

Nyok does not have an IEP. He receives some English Language Learner support on a weekly basis at school. (home language Dinka).

Health Concerns:

No health concerns

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware of

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware of

Victim of Physical Abuse:

Nyok has witnessed domestic violence between his parents. There are also past reports of father using physical means to punish Nyok and other children in the home.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Nyok is very mild-mannered. He does not behave in aggressive ways towards peers or siblings. He has not shown any indication of self-harm.

Required Physical Restraint:

No restraint ever needed in the school setting.

Personality / Social Standing:

Nyok is well-liked by his peers at school. He can be very silly and likes to make others laugh. This can result in him behaving like a "class clown" but it is usually good natured. He is not one to be mean-spirited. Nyok has a great deal of potential to be positive leader in the classroom/school setting, but he tends to lack the motivation to lead or challenge himself. An example is Nyok staying home to play video games, unsupervised, rather than attend basketball practice where he was receiving much encouragement and demonstrating some real skills on the basketball court. He gives up easily and doesn't have confidence that he is as capable and smart as he really is. He'll take whichever path is easiest, requiring the least amount of work in many situations.

Behavioral Patterns:

Nyok tends to shut down emotionally and is not expressive of his feelings. A "bad day" for Nyok looks like him, wearing his hood, with his head down in the classroom. He will not do his work. He is content to sit and do nothing , completely disengaged. This does not happen each day, but over the last few months it has become more prevalent. Other times, he distracts others or will socialize rather than do his work. He does better in one to one scenarios, but much of the effort he puts in to school (or does not put in) is mood dependent. He also comes to school very tired and will fall asleep during the day. This points to the lack of routine in the home and disrupted sleep patterns. He is able to stay up at night as he wishes to play video games.


Of particular concern is Nyok's older brother is involved with the police due to anti-social behavior in the community. He may be affiliated with a gang, or at least associated in some ways. This is concerning due to Nyok's vulnerability, lack of parental supervision, and limited connections in his community. Without supportive adults and access to positive opportunities, like Mayhew, I am concerned that Nyok will be pulled into more negative activities as he becomes older. Nyok is greatly in need of positive male role models who can demonstrate success, the benefits of hard work, honing talents, and having hopes/dreams/aspirations for the future. The closest men in his life are involved with the police, use violence and disrupt the home environment in countless ways. Nyok has tremendous potential, and I believe time away from the housing development and submerged in the culture of Mayhew could propel Nyok towards a bright future. He is a super likable kid and he will have everyone up and laughing all summer!