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55 Thissell Rd




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Single grandmother raising grandson.

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Dylan used to live with his mother and step dad who was very abuse to him. We had no idea that we even had a grandson from our oldest son as our son passed away in 2015. in 2017 we were contacted by Dylan mother and told that she had our grandson and wanted us to take him as she no longer wanted to care for him. So my husband and I took him in. Unfortunately my husband passed away in 2020 from Cancer leaving Dylan again with no male figure in his life. Dylan has no contact at all with his mother or siblings as his mother chooses not to have any contact with him. this hurts Dylan terribly, but he is a great boy and continues to do his best. Dylan and I have a wonderful relationship but it can be hard for me to try and be his mother, grandmother, father, etc.. We have our own home and Dylan has his own room and we help each other get through the rough times together. Dylan has lost so much in his short life, from never meeting his dad, To the loss of his maternal grandmother, then not only the loss of my husband (his grandpa) but he also had to watch his grandpa be sick with cancer. then a few months ago we had to put Dylan's dog down. Bailey was everything to Dylan when he first came to live with us and he misses her terribly. He has had more losses than most adults and I am trying desperately to give him the best opportunities in life that I can. He truly is an amazing little boy.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Dylan just finished Basketball and he was also in a play of The wizard of Oz through his drama class. he also participates in Chorus and will hopefully be looking forward to summer sports.

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Health Concerns:

Dylan had ADHD and takes daily medications to help with this. He is currently being reevaluated to make sure the medications he is on are still needed or need to be changed.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware of.

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:

yes, Dylan has had some physical abuse by his step father. However, he does not talk about it much. I do know that he was locked in the basement for hours at a time with no food, water, bathroom privileges and no electricity as his step father would throw the breaker to his room leaving him completely alone and in the dark for hours until his mother came home from work.
His step father would also give Dylan a plate of food and tell him he only had 2 minutes to eat everything on his plate so he better hurry up because he wasn't going to be fed again for awhile. So poor Dylan would rush as fast as he could to eat, sometimes even getting sick while trying to hurry to eat. Not knowing when he would get food again.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:


Required Physical Restraint:

No, Dylan has never had to be restrained in any way since he has been with us but his mother says he was constantly throwing fits and she would constantly throw him in any hospital including the Concord mental institution and would leave him for weeks at a time with out visiting or calling him,The doctors would tell her that there is nothing wrong with him and she needed to take him home. She even put a chins petition on him at 7 years old.

Personality / Social Standing:

Through all that Dylan has been threw he has a wonderful personality. He is funny and most of the time very out going. He seems to make friends very easy, He is talkative, but sometimes can be quiet and reserved depending on the situation. For the most part I believe Dylan to be an extrovert. However, there seems to be times when he is a leader and other times when he is a follower.
As far as responding to authority when spoken to calmly he responds in a calm matter, but again he is a 12 year old boy and sometimes he likes to see what he can get away with and likes to plead his case of why he is right.

Behavioral Patterns:

Dylan does not usually ever fight with his peers but there have been times when he has wanted to join something such as basketball and then not want to completely follow through till the end making up excuses of why he doesn't want to or should not have to finish what he started. Following through to the end is something he needs to learn is very important not only to prove to himself that he can do it but also to not be letting down the people around you who are counting on him.


Dylan's needs more time with a male role model/mentor in his life, someone who can help him learn to have goals and to learn to accomplish his goals. Dylan struggles from the loss of not seeing his mother and 2 siblings as his mother has chosen to have no contact. she has basically abandoned him, and he does not understand why or what he has done for her to do this to him. He also struggles at the many losses he has had, from never getting to meet his dad, to loosing my husband, his paternal grandpa who was his only real male figure to loosing his maternal grandma and then his beloved dog bailey.
Dylan's weaknesses are following through and believing in himself enough to know that he can do anything if he tries and puts his mind to it. Dylan's overall behavior is very good but still is a typical 12 year old in thinking that sometimes he knows it all. His attitude is for the most part calm with a little wound-upness and funny. His smile and laugh light up the room. Even through all the abuse that he has endured in his short life he still wakes up most days in a very good mood. One downfall for Dylan is he is to interactive on his phone and xbox. and when I take it away he becomes very upset. Although I do have other grandchildren it is difficult for the kids to play together as their ages are between 5-18 leaving Dylan stuck in the middle to old to play with the younger ones and to young to be with the older ones. We also do not have children close to our home so he uses his electronics to connect to them, I believe he could use more time away from the electronics and more time in a structured environment outside with other boys. He also needs to learn to be more active, reliable, and follow through. We are currently working on trying to be more organized and not so messy.
If Dylan was able to have the opportunity to go to Mayhew Camp I believe he could learn while having fun being with other boys who are also learning new thing and accomplishing new goals. He could make life long friends as well as have mentors who care and stay with him till he is 18. That is just amazing to me. I wish I had known more about Mayhew Camp 2 years ago as this program is everything he needs to thrive in ways he may never know.
Thank you for your time and consideration.