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Benjamin Franklin School



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64 Old Homestead Hwy.




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Mother w/ live-in boyfriend

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Household Situation:

Mason has had to shift households and residences frequently. He has been placed (by the court) in April with his mother, Samantha. Until recently, Mason and his brother Bryson were living with their father, Dakota in Keene. Dakota recently was incarcerated and the court returned Mason and Bryson to the physical custody of his mother, Samantha in Richmond. This meant that Samantha and her boyfriend, Cody Frazier were transporting the two boys back to Keene each day to finish the school year in Keene. Attendance became an issue. When Dakota was released he had visitation with the boys a couple of days of the week and would come pick them up at school. Samantha just recently had a baby girl.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

None to my knowledge

Special Assistance:

When Mason arrived at the Franklin School, end of 3rd grade he was way behind academically. His father described a situation where Mason and his brother were not attending school when they were with their mother. Mason was very shy and did not feel comfortable in the classroom setting. He often would refuse to go into the third grade classroom.
Fourth grade was picking up the pieces and figuring out where Mason needed help. Mason was feeling overwhelmed with fourth grade and we really had to remind him and encourage him knowing he had missed a great deal of third grade.
Unfortunately, we all had to go full remote in March of his fourth grade year and we lost some contact with him. His dad needed assistance with the technology and we had to make sure they had internet, so fourth grade he lost ground academically again. Mason was getting help and assistance in the classroom. When he returned in the Fall for fifth grade, he was a hybrid student, attending in person 2 days a week - 3 days on line. He was getting a lot assistance in class and was a guest in the resource room with the Special Education teacher across the hall. Mason was referred for an evaluation for Special Education and the evaluation finally finished in the Spring with a lot of interruptions because of going full remote again. He was not found eligible for Special Education. Mason does qualify for a 504 plan with a diagnosis of adjustment disorder and anxiety. He was also getting a lot of counseling support at school with the school adjustment counselor. Mason has a case manager and a therapist through Monadnock Family Services.

Health Concerns:

Mason has gained a lot of weight in the last year. He is sensitive about it. He does try and stay active. Mason has been diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety by Monadnock Family Services.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware

Victim of Physical Abuse:

Not that I am aware

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

No, Mason is not aggressive.

Required Physical Restraint:

No physical restraint needed

Personality / Social Standing:

Mason has a wonderful personality. He does demonstrate mood fluctuations but he is most often upbeat and loves to talk. There are periods of sadness and he gets "down" and will be quiet. For the amount of family transitions and upheaval he has done remarkably well. He makes friends easily and he is sensitive to the others around him. Mason will stick up for others who are treated poorly or bullied.
Mason is willing to talk and listen to adults. He is a good candidate for counseling, which should be continuing with Monadnock Family Services. There was a recent transfer of therapists and case managers for the family at MFS.
Mason is well liked by his peers. He will joke and laugh and fool around- which is nice to see. His self-esteem and self-image are suffering, both because of his recent weight gain and his struggles academically. He is very attached to his father and has witnessed his father struggle with his addictions and treatment.

Behavioral Patterns:

Mason is not an acting out boy, he is more internalized. He can be moody and resistant sometimes- but that often is in response to his classroom experience. He has not had any fights, maybe an argument now and then. He will come to the defense of other kids. He is not one to engage in bullying behavior or be aggressive. He is pretty "mild-mannered" overall.

Mason is sad that he has to leave Franklin School and go to a new school in the Fall. He has had too many school transitions in his life. When one of his counselors suggested letter writing to keep in touch, he told her that he did not know how to write a letter.


Mason would love the opportunity to be active and do sports. He loves to play basketball. He would ask to take playground equipment home so he could practice, not having a basket ball at home. The PE teacher would loan Mason playground equipment over the weekend and Mason would faithfully return it. Every day at recess Mason would start some pick-up basketball of some type and kids would join in. Mason would often come down to the gym to play basketball when he was taking a break from class.

One day when I was walking into school with an old guitar Mason ran right over and wanted to try it out. He spent some time strumming and holding the guitar before I brought it into school. I mentioned that it would be up in the music room and he could ask the music teacher about it. Well, he did, he asked her if he could keep it. She offered to teach him some cords. I'm not sure how it ended up. They were learning to play the ukelele in music class.

Mason would love anything the enrich and expose him to new things as well as the opportunity to play sports. He has had little opportunity to have any activities or community experiences outside of school. I am not sure if he knows how to swim or ride a bike?

Mason has had to be a survivor of all the parent transitions and change in schools. Mason is planning on going to a new school in the Fall (Cutler School) because his custody changed back to his mom. He was placed with his dad in 2018. His dad recently had been released from jail and was participating in the drug-court program. Mason lost contact with his mom for over a year. Dakota graduated from Drug Court in 2019 and things were looking up and stable at home. Dakota was working at a restaurant downtown Keene. Then Covid hit; Dakota probably lost his job at the restaurant and Dakota's treatment and health had a downturn. He was incarcerated again and Mason's mom came back on the scene. She was living in Richmond with her boyfriend, (who is a Mayhew Alum). The court placed Mason and his brother back with mom in April. Dakota has been released and he is now able to have visitation with the boys in Keene when he can.

Mason just needs a break- he needs some stability and he needs to be a kid - playing sports and having fun. Mason needs Mayhew!