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Woodman Park Elementary



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35 Belknap Street #1




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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Colten is the oldest sibling of four children. He lives with his mother, 2 brothers, and sister. Colten's father has been in and out of jail and he does not have any regular contact with him that we are aware of. Colten and his siblings often seem to be fending for themselves and have a great deal of energy. Overall, the children all appear somewhat neglected and seek a great deal of attention while at school.

This year, Colten's younger brother was just returned to live with him and his family and this child has pretty significant health issues and delays.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Colten is not involved in any activities

Special Assistance:

Colten has a 504 for ADHD and receives regular support from our Behavior Team. He has a behavior plan to help him make appropriate choices in the classroom.

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:


Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:

Not that we are aware of

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Because of a lack of supervision in the household, there are times when Colten or a sibling will have injuries related to rough housing or goofing around. Colten is not aggressive per se, but left to his own, he and his siblings can definitely be rough with one another.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Colten is definitely a student that we are worried about. He seeks adult attention in any way possible and presents as very needy and even depressed. It does not appear as if Colten receives a great deal of attention, love, or support at home. Colten would rather hang our with the behavior support staff than participate with school in general, but his behavior plan is designed to build in opportunities for positive adult interactions if he does what is expected of him.

Colten is a student that can shut down easily and struggles with regulation. When he is taking his medication consistently for ADHD, he is far more successful in the classroom, but not on his medication, he struggles to be in control of his behaviors.

Colten has definitely identified a few adults here at school that he will engage with more than others, but he can struggle with following directions and doing what is asked of him. He can sometimes present as misbehaving deliberately to engage in power struggles with adults. In terms of friends, he will often follow those peers that are acting out and getting into trouble instead of making a more responsible choice.

Behavioral Patterns:

In terms of behaviors, the most concerning thing we see from Colten is how desperate he is seek out any sort of attention from adults. Based on his home life, he presents as "starved" for adult interactions. Colten did anything last year to avoid work and doing what was expected of him, and was often sent to the behavior Support Center as a consequence. This year, his plan was designed so that he had to earn adult support and attention, and any rewards were actually presented in his classroom instead of him leaving. He struggles tremendously with transitions, so this year's plan helped to avoid any issues with him refusing to return to class.

Colten would rather spend the day on his own with the Support Center adults than be with his class or teacher. He will even attempt to intentionally disobey the constructs of his plan by lying or sneaking to the Support Center claiming he was supposed to do something there when this obviously was not the case. He has snuck off from his class during transitions knowing he is deliberately disobeying his plan causing adults to be concerned about his whereabouts.

At home, Colten seems to have a great deal of independence and lack of supervision, which can certainly conflict with a typical school day. He does not appear to have any routine and structure in his home life and he and his siblings definitely fend for themselves to eat, self-care/hygiene, screen time, and hanging in the neighborhood- not making the best choices.


Unfortunately for Colten and his family, the school has contacted DCYF on some occasions for concerns involving neglect, suspected drug use (mom), and lack of supervision. Colten is actually a very bright and capable child. He can be loving, insightful, and sweet when in a good space. With regular nurturing and care, Colten would seem to thrive. He really deserves the chance to be taken care of appropriately, have structure and regular supervision, and support from trusted adults he can depend on.

In considering a referral to Mayhew, Colten was the first boy without question to refer. Colten really does have so much potential and given the right environment and adult support, would truly benefit from the mentorship opportunities that Mayhew would provide. I believe the camp environment away from his home may help Colten to understand he does have the drive and determination needed to succeed in school and interpersonal relationships.

Thinking of Colten's transition to the middle school is overwhelming to some of our staff. Colten can be a challenge at times, and we are worried he will get a bit lost in the middle school without support. The camp experience of Mayhew would help him develop and continue to work on some the social skills and life skills he needs to succeed. Having the continued mentoring that Mayhew offers would be extremely motivating.

Thank you for considering Colten for this opportunity!