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Dothan Brook



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982 River Rd




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Mother w/ live-in boyfriend

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My son Layne lives with his father and his fiance of 7 years Monday to Friday. I have him Friday to Monday. I live with my fiance of 6 years and we all co-parent to to best of our ability. Currently he is enrolled at Dothan Brook school finishing out his 5th grade year.
Layne is very smart and exceeds in the academic field. His struggle is being the focus of attention for all the wrong things.
Since he was in kindergarten, he has been kicked from the bus by the end of the school year. Every year. It's always had something to do with swearing or calling people names (swears or profanity)
He was calling all of the students dicks, he told a girl who was 6 and he is 10 that he wanted to touch her chest. He has said to other students that he will f--- their mother to death, and that he had sex with a 4th grader. He has all but his bed taken away from most of these situations. He even handles his punishments very well. But by the end after a month or so goes by, he gets in trouble for what seems like the same pattern of behavior. It seems no matter what we tell him or how many conversations we have about it, his mouth is getting him in some serious trouble.
I have thought about having an officer talk to him but feel it won't help.
We have taken away privileges of tv, internet, YouTube, anything that has an outside impact on him, and he still seems to stir up some talk of nonsense. We need help.
I am low income and have tried to resource some summer camps to put him in but, yours seems truly a best fit. He was diagnosed with Adhd and ODD at age 6. We started medicine for him (Vyvanse) just 2 years ago and this has helped a lot with his anxiety and sporadic behavior. We just need help putting him on the right path. For such a smart, caring, funny boy, he has a very very bad potty mouth and says the most disgusting things that we are at a loss of where he even hears them. Not that that even matters at this point. Please help my son!

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

He plays baseball now, and loves all the sports. Very athletic and a natural at whatever he picks up. He has a counselor that he sees outside of school once a week.

Special Assistance:

Yes he has an IEP

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Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Not intentionally, but one incident that sticks out is one day he and a friend dug their nails into their arm so that it bled and made a very bad open wound. He said he didn't realize it was as bad as it was.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Very caring and sweet. He probably tries too hard to be the one that is liked. I notice he is the loudest and most animated when in crowds. I'd say extrovert in that sense. He is a leader and usually asked to be of help in the classroom. I believe his self esteem is good. He knows what he is good at, and feels confident going into a project or an activity that he is doing.

Behavioral Patterns:

Layne will always say there was another person soing whatever he got in trouble for. Always. He brags a lot and even though he can usually follow through with what he says, he takes it too far more often than not. He will manipulate every situation to leave you doubting what you were told from another adult. He will constantly ask to do something. He can not seem to find anything to entertain himself unless asked to. It's hard for him to be bored. Only child so, we do play with him often, but, he will not shoot hoops or play outside by himself unless it's forced upon him basically. He is a calm person and usually takes punishment very well, usually knows what he did wrong and most of the time will be accountable.
It's the repeat patterns of the sexual talk and profanity. No 11 year old should be saying they are going to f--- their mothers friend to death, or that he had sex with a 4th grader, touching girls chest, or taking about boobs, private parts, etc.


Layne shows great strength in learning, for some reason he just doesn't learn from his mistakes. It's like he is always trying to push the limit and when he gets caught, he can't believe it.
His manipulative behavior is getting worse and his father and I are exhausted of trying to put him down the right path. He always seems to understand and show us that things will be different or he will try harder. Then shortly later we get calls or emails that his infractions are getting worse. Your program of structure is what makes me believe this will be a good fit for Layne. He thrives on structure.