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Bakersville School



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102 Cilley Road




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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Kyon is a fun-loving boy. He resides with his mother, Amanda and siblings. They lives upstairs from their grandmother and uncle. Kyon is quite a bit younger than his siblings and Amanda works many hours each week. Kyon hangs out with the older crowd and is often doing his own thing. His father was incarcerated for the first four years of Kyon's life. The last contact he had with his father was approximately two years ago. Amanda did not feel that this man was a positive influence in Kyon's life, or possessed the ability to parent appropriately, and therefore there has been no additional contact. Kyon shares a very close relationship with his mother.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Kyon is not currently involved in any school or community activities. He relies on taking the bus home after school and his mother's busy work schedule and lack of her own transportation has made it difficult for him to attend various programs.

Special Assistance:

Kyon receive special education services at Bakersville School. His has an IEP for Speech/Language disorder. He works very well in the classroom and is performing on grade level. He has a positive attitude and willingness to help others.

Health Concerns:

Kyon has ADHD and takes medication at school. His ADHD can interfere with his ability to follow directions and stay on task during independent classwork.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware of.

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:

I do not fully know the circumstances/history, but Kyon was briefly in foster care prior to starting school at Bakersville in March of 2019 and he was removed from the foster home due to abuse in that foster home.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

No, Kyon is an easy-mannered boy who has not shown an aggressive or threatening side. His behavior at school is very good and he is very friendly.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Kyon is very well-liked by his peers. He easily makes friends and is "fun" to be around. He likes hands-on activities and when working in small group with peers, he is enthusiastic. He tends to need reminders from adults to stay on task and focused, but generally complies with requests and demands without issue. When he is not getting along with someone, it bothers him quite a bit and he want to resolve conflicts quickly.

Behavioral Patterns:

Kyon is a great boy. His ADHD is fairly well managed with medication, but it does impact him on a daily basis. He is busy and loud, but with it he has a pleasant, enthusiastic attitude. He avoids conflicts with peers. He does not excel at sports and lacks the skills to complete athletically with many boys. He enjoy running around, playing less structured games or looking at/trading Pokemon cards. You know he is in the room and that can be a turn-off for some kids.


The biggest factor for Kyon is that his world is very small and he lacks opportunity to engage in his community. He attends school and that is pretty much it. Kyon's two older brothers attended Mayhew (Seth Jones and Joseph Diaz Jones). Both boys describe Mayhew as the best summer of their lives and wish for their younger brother, Kyon, to have the same opportunity. Mom, Amanda, is fully on board for Kyon to attend Mayhew and feels badly that she isn't in the position to do more with him. Kyon would also benefit greatly from positive male role models. Seth and Joseph have their own struggles based on their experiences and home can be a chaotic environment for Kyon. Amanda tried to shield Kyon and parent him differently than the older boys. I can picture Kyon embracing all that Mayhew has to offer. He rarely leaves the radius of his home/school environment so Mayhew would be an overwhelmingly positive experience for him.