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Pleasant Street School



Guardian Info:

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65 Fairview Street




Guardian/Family Phone:

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Living Situation:


Guardianship with maternal grandparents since 10 months old

Financial Situation:



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How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

Brady lives with his grandmother Faith and Grandfather Peter. Faith and Brady get along very well. Faith is with him most of the time and Peter works more. Faith is the disciplinarian, and she and Brady sometimes clash because of this. They tell each other love each other all of the time. Nicole, Brady's mother, gave custody to Faith and Peter because she and Brady's father were going to jail. Brady's relationship with Nicole is on and off. They talk on the phone but she hasn't been coming to see him. She has a cycle of drug addiction and mental illness. It doesn't seem like Nicole wants to put the effort in to have a strong relationship with Brady. He talks with father, Blaze, on the phone recently. He has a history of drug addiction and incarceration.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Soccer, basketball, baseball, goes to church weekly.

Special Assistance:

He received title 1 intervention in second and third grade. He does not have an IEP or 504. He doesn't have regular guidance visits and is not in our resource room often, but he has a good relationship with our behavior specialist.

Health Concerns:

No health concerns at this time. He was born addicted to substances.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

No history of sexual abuse.

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

No history of being a perpetrator of sexual abuse.

Victim of Physical Abuse:

No history of physical abuse.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

He recently has been more hands on with Faith and has pushed her.

Required Physical Restraint:

He's never required a physical restraint.

Personality / Social Standing:

Brady is very outgoing, boisterous, loud and definitely an extrovert. He is also a follower. He would love to be the leader but he's more of a follower. He respects Peter but does not respect Faith. He gets along well with his peers. His self esteem is low. He has been starting to swear at school and at home. According to his teacher, Brady often says he is "stupid" and often exhibits poor self-esteem. He makes friends easily but often struggles to problem solve without fighting with his peers. He shuts down easily when something is too hard (lack of perseverance).

Behavioral Patterns:

Brady blames other people (friends or family) for his behaviors often. Overall Brady appears to want to show everyone how good he is at things but when things go wrong he blames other people and can't follow through with what he's promised. When Faith sets limits for Brady, he struggles. He will ask Faith for something and she will tell him no. He will ask her over and over again and will not stop. Faith will engage Peter and ask him for help. He won't ask Peter over and over for things. When Faith says no, he quite often throws temper tantrums. If he thinks he is right then he will continue to push. He has started to throw things and be mean to their kitten. He will pick her up and hold her roughly. Brady's teacher states that he frequently gets into fights with peers and claims he is reacting to others or blames others. He often lies about unexpected behaviors (swearing, pushing peers etc..).


Brady has always been a good boy and eager to please grownups and peers prior to the last couple months. He is very good at all sports and has a passion for sports. Recently he's really beginning to escalate behaviorally and that shows up by meltdowns and trending towards physical aggression. He has been in therapy for years, and it is beneficial to him. Brady will thrive in an environment with limits, expectations and positive social interactions with peers. Mayhew will help Brady succeed and build the confidence he needs to overcome obstacles. Brady is an unusual case as he has great home support with his grandparents but a huge hole in his heart where his parents should be. We are looking to Mayhew to help him create healthy relationships with young adult role models. Hopefully these relationship will give him confidence to accept who he is and thrive as a young boy.