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Jaffrey Grade School



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43 Hillcrest Road





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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Cayden lives at home with his mom. Cayden sees his dad about once per month and does not really talk to him otherwise. Cayden has the option to talk with his father as he pleases via phone. but Cayden chooses not to. Cayden's father also does not contact him. Cayden's father was in and out of jail and rehab. Mom has full custody and decision making. There is no set visit schedule. Cayden has a good relationship with his younger brother and sister, but these siblings do not live with him. Cayden will facetime with his siblings during the week and will see them in-person on the weekends. Cayden has the strongest adult relationships with his mom and his mom's aunt. At home, Cayden's typical day consists of helping around the house, doing his homework, and playing games.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Cayden participates in sports through the town's rec department. Cayden is currently playing basketball.
and also plays soccer each fall. Cayden was doing boy scouts in the past, but it became too much with Covid. Meetings were moved to Sundays, and Cayden wants to spend his weekend time with his siblings.

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Personality / Social Standing:

Cayden is very particular about when he does things. Having a predictable schedule and structure is very important to him. Cayden is also very shy. Cayden is "hard to read," for others will often not know how he is feeling unless he uses his words to tell them. Cayden has low self-confidence, often doubting himself and his abilities. Cayden will often say, "I can't do this," or "I am not good at this" even when others know that he is capable. Cayden struggles with body image, thinking he is fat. Cayden will refuse to take his shirt off when swimming, even just around family. It is suspected that this insecurity stems from Cayden's father, for Cayden's dad would always say that Cayden was getting chubby.

Cayden is very laid back and also a great listener. Cayden is very much a people pleaser, never saying "no" to anything. The last time Cayden got in trouble was probably as a young child when he was put in time out! Cayden has a lot of friends, for his peers look up to him. Cayden is such a helpful individual and a great role model for his peers at school and at home. Cayden is always asking for ways in which he can help others.

Behavioral Patterns:

Cayden really does not have any behavioral issues that come to mind, for he is such a people-pleaser. Cayden is very cooperative and patient even when it is hard to be. Cayden's sister is 7-years-old and extremely persistent about everything. She really tries hard to push Cayden's buttons, but Cayden will shrug off arguments easily. Even if something does bother Cayden, it will take maybe 5 min. or so for Cayden to get through those strong emotions.


Cayden would be an excellent candidate for Camp Mayhew. Cayden needs a place in which he can gain self-confidence and leadership skills so that he can reach his full potential. Cayden is so cooperative and easy to work with, that it is known that he will truly make the most of his experience at Camp Mayhew. Cayden will also be an excellent peer role model for other boys attending the summer camp.

The hope is that Camp Mayhew will help Cayden to open up to more people because Mom will not be there to do it for him. Cayden needs an experience that will get him out of his comfort zone, build his confidence, and introduce him to new people. Camp Mayhew sounds like just this opportunity for Cayden.

It is also important to note that Cayden's lack of self-confidence and high level of people-pleasing likely stems directly from his relationship with his Dad. Cayden's feelings have been so hurt time and time again by his dad, that Cayden does not want to hurt anyone else's feelings. Cayden has been let down by his father so often, that it has put a dent in his self-worth/self-esteem. Cayden could greatly benefit from a summer experience that surrounds him with reliable adult and peer male role models.

Cayden's Mom's brother and cousin both attended Camp Mayhew in the past, and they could not speak more highly of the experience. The hope is that Cayden will be able to follow in his family members' footsteps, being able to embark on a life-changing summer.