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Broken Ground



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173 loudon Rd Bldg 4 #10




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Ambica Darjee 173 Loudon Rd. Bldg 4#10

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Single Mother

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Household Situation:

Bibas' mother is the sole wage earner although he has two older brothers living at home, who spend all night playing video games and all day sleeping. Briefly one was enrolled in job corp but that was a casualty to the pandemic. Although Bibas birthdate would indicate that he's 12, I think there's a good change that this is incorrect. He is a small and socially immature fifth grader.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

he attends our after school program (21C) 4 days a week.

Special Assistance:

Bibas came to the US in the latter half of his second grade year. He has been on a four day/week in person schedule, with two days in his mainstream classroom and two days in ELL for academic support. He is making progress with reading fluency and is at a second grade level; he is doing modified 5th grade level math. In his mainstream classroom he is avoidant and silly, throwing up barriers to completing work. In our room, he's with a diverse group of students from 3rd to 5th grade and is less avoidant. He is at his best when working with students who's skills are lower than his own.

Health Concerns:

Bibas holds his head slightly to the left. He had a seizure disorder of some kind as a toddler but this has not been an issue since that time and he is not on any medications.

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Personality / Social Standing:

Bibas seems to feel at home in the ELL room and with his ELL peers, both African and Nepali. He has asked if he can repeat fourth grade and seems to be very conflicted about attending RMS next year. He also has asked if he can go to camp with Kevin. Bibas presents as an interesting combination of old man/ little boy. Those that know his family say that he is its most functional member. As a third grader, he was the first out of bed and would get his mother up for work. She left the house at 5. Then he would wake up his older brothers who left the house for school (but never actually went. They spent the day instead at someone else's apartment.) He is a very accepted member of our multi-age ELL cohort; he plays soccer or foot-square (four square played only with feet) at every recess, participating fully YET never leaves his apartment to play outside when he's at home. His friends all confirm this: Bibas is a totally inside kid. I'm not sure why this is. He plays video games constantly and is interested in creating games, and when he was a remote student last spring, he not only had better computer skills than most other students, but also was a far better student remotely than he was/is in person. This leads us to believe that social anxiety is a big part of Bibas' persona, which tends to be flippant, silly or avoidant/shut down.

Behavioral Patterns:

Appropriately social with his ELL peers, many of whom are younger than him. Silly in his mainstream classroom with behaviors that suggest social anxiety-- but never aggressive or mean. More of the annoying variety of negative behaviors- pencil tapping, goofy responses, etc. VERY REPONSIBLE when it comes to any communication between school and home. When we were remote, it was Bibas that was able to round up missing students on his instant messaging account and solve their chromebook issues. Reponsible about dates and times to be places, but not about turning in work (and this is in part because he still needs a great deal of reading support, especially for grade level academic language.) Very little experience of the world outside of home and school EXCEPT through video games, particularly PubG, to which Bibas' friends say he is addicted (and about which Bibas says, "I really like to play it but I can stop anytime..." Hmmmm.)
Of late, Bibas has been more frank with me about his concerns re: transitioning from Broken Ground to Rundlett. Today he had to fill out a survey for the Boys and Girls Club, who support our 21c program, and his responses were quick and casually awful: "no one here gives a damn about me, no one here listens to me, I've cut school 11 times this quarter"-- when asked to take the survey seriously, he changed some of the answers but I was struck by the undercurrent of angry self-defeat that he was showing.
Earlier this winter, other students reported that in a chat group, someone claiming to be a ten year old girl (unknown to the other group members) suggested that it's cool to make a cut on your wrist and fill it with lemon juice and salt, as a dare. Bibas rose to the challenge and his classmates went with the story to one of his teachers, which prompted another round of internet safety talks and a zoom meeting with Bibas' mom, and attempted in depth conversations with Bibas ("I thought it was funny" was about the extent of his response). Today during math (with another fifth grader with skills a little higher than his) I noticed that Bibas was scraping a pencil over and over on the skin of his hand. He had to be told repeatedly not to do it. He said "it doesn't hurt- its good." I'm worried about what he's keeping under the surface, about his lack of supervision at home (although he says his mom wants him to cut down on his video game usage from 5 hours to 2...) and his obvious anxiety about the upcoming school year.


Bibas at times is a parentified kid, taking on responsibility above his years, and at times a scared little guy who is really worried about everything. He keeps the scared/anxiety ridden guy under wraps with adults through a million small, annoying behaviors. He's much more at home with other children and has had no problems being accepted within the cohort that I see him in. I feel like he's had very few opportunities outside of school to be his age and enjoy nurturance and carefree times. I think Bibas craves structure and has had to make his own at home. He is a sweet, smart and funny kid who, it seems, feels way in over his head, and copes by losing himself in hours of gaming. Yet-- he is asking for a camp opportunity, specifically for Mayhew (he knows Sumaili and he learned about it last year) and feels secure with Kevin, who is smart and kind and tolerant. I think Mayhew could be a game-changer for Bibas (no pun intended) and I hope you will consider him for your program. Bibas' mom is a Nepali speaker but I will do all that I can on my end to ensure that communication is fluid with the family.