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Candidate Data:
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Date of Birth:








Benjamin Franklin School



Guardian Info:

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217 Washington St.




Guardian/Family Phone:

Guardian/Family Email Address:

Tawanna Autry

Living Situation:

Mother w/ live-in boyfriend

Financial Situation:



Free/Reduced Lunch:





How many live in the household?


How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

Aadrian lives on Page Street in Keene, NH, they rent a house just down the street from the school. He lives with his mother, Tawanna and his two siblings, Aaliyah and Aadam. His mother's boyfriend Scott also lives in the home. Scott works at a local restaurant and Tawanna is in nursing school and working at a local restaurant. The family moved to Keene about a year ago from Newport, NH.
Aadrian's birth certificate shows that he was born in Georgia. I have not heard Aadrian or his mother refer to Aadrian's birth father. His little brother Aadam is in first grade and Aaliyah attends Keene Middle School in grade 6. Aadrian and Aadam walk back and forth to school together.
Tawanna has recently applied to have the 3 children attend the Kurn Hattin School in Westminster, VT.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

I don't believe that Aadrian is participating in any organized sports or organizations.

Special Assistance:

Aadrian has a 504 plan. He has a diagnosis of AD/HD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Unfortunately the remote schooling did not work for the family. There was not enough supervision at home to have the children participate and be attending online school. Last Spring Tawanna returned all the Chromebooks early saying the children were not being responsible with the Chromebooks. When we have Aadrian in school it is our time to try and catch him up. Currently he comes 2 days a week plus one morning of supervised on-line with his teachers. Tawanna refused to have the children bring the Chromebooks home so Aadrian went without any online instruction for over 2 months.
We do keep in close contact with Aadrian when he is at school , having lunch groups, intervention groups and meetings with the counselors.

Health Concerns:

Aadrian takes medication for his AD/HD symptoms. He is also diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

Not to my knowledge

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

Not to my knowledge

Victim of Physical Abuse:

Not to my knowledge

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Aadrian's oppositionality comes out in the form of arguing. Aadrian can get in power struggles very quickly both with peers and adults. I witnessed one instance where he tried to push another boy during an argument.

Required Physical Restraint:


Personality / Social Standing:

Aadrian is more on the extroverted side. He can be very vocal and loud. He often complains frequently and has a sense of being "left out" or being "unfairly treated". He is very aware of his position in line, whether someone has gotten something that he hasn't or challenging other's ideas. He can get in arguments so quickly because he disagrees or finds fault in the situation. At school he knows we have a "policy", we don't argue with kids. It is takes time to problem solve with him, listen to him first and then he might be ready to listen to you.

Behavioral Patterns:

Aadrian's biggest issue is with the truth. He has difficulty with his peers because of his untruthfulness. He also has been caught stealing items from other kids and hiding it. I feel sad for him that he struggles with this. It is hard to tell if he is remorseful because he will go to great lengths to not acknowledge his role. This may stem from a sense that life has treated him unfairly in combination with impulsiveness. Sometimes he needs to embellish or spin a story in response to feeling compared to another student. It is a trait that could be trouble for him in the future.

Aadrian is not kind to his little brother. Aadrian is often asked to assist his little brother Aadam. Aadam waits for Aadrian after school so they can walk home together and they arrive together. There have been times when Aadrian is not patient with Aadam. It may be that Aadrian is asked to supervise Aadam. Aadam has told his teachers that his brother is mean to him.