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Dover Middle School



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43 Hampshire Circle




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Single Mother

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Joseph and his mom and brother have moved from West Virginia due to domestic violence in the household. They first moved to Farmington the summer of 2019 and the moved to Dover that fall where Joseph attended Woodman Park School until the school went into remote learning. Joseph then started at DMS this fall. He has had a great deal of difficulty making friends and his mother worries about him a great deal. This year Joseph's father came to NH. He does not know where the family lives but has been in touch with Joseph. Joseph has shared that Dad makes him feel that it is his fault that they are getting a divorce while dad has said to me that he wants a divorce but Joseph's mother wants to get back together. I know that this is not the case. His mom, Maggie, has tried to get Joseph into some counseling without success. Joseph struggles at school and tells me that he is constantly anxious due to the family situation and finds it hard to stay focused. Getting to go to the Mayhew Camp this summer would be the first step to helping Joseph regain his confidence and build on this for the future.

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Special Assistance:

Joseph does not have an IEP, but I am looking to see if there are any academic areas that are making school more difficult. It is hard to put the pieces together because he has been at three schools in just two years. His mom reports as does Joseph that school in West Virginia was much easier for him.

Health Concerns:

Seasonal allergies

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

Not that I am aware of at this time.

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This has not been shared.

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Personality / Social Standing:

Joseph is so sweet. He really responds to positive reinforcement and does not want teachers go hover over him because he finds that embarrassing especially in class. Joseph is soft spoken but will engage with other students when he considers them to be a friend. He talks to me because I think that he feels that I am safe. Joseph often feels that the teachers are targeting him when they are offering help. He doesn't like to stand out in a crowd. I think that Joseph's self-esteem has been sorely impacted by the events over the last two years. My hope is that by regaining his self esteem and self confidence he can return home feeling better about himself and look forward to a bright future based on his talents and strengths.

Behavioral Patterns:

In class Joseph will shut down when he doesn't think that he knows what to do. In working with him one to one when this happens if I can get him "unstuck" he can then get rolling. He loves to learn, but he needs to feel that he is not being judged. He definitely judges himself harshly, often saying I don't know what to do or how to get started or what I do is going to be wrong. With a math quiz this week, once he got on a roll and could start seeing the patterns in the problems you could feel a complete change in his attitude. The teachers that he has this year are fairly strict and inflexible which has been a difficult match for Joseph. By building a relationship first and then looking at the work at hand Joseph could thrive.


Joseph is one of those boys who could easily be seen as a discipline issue and being non-compliant. Instead what I see is a boy who has experienced a lot of trauma in his family, has moved from the familiar to a whole different state and culture and he is floundering when it comes to getting his feet on the ground. Seek first to understand and then to be understood would be a wonderful starting point for Joseph in any environment especially when called upon to expand his learning. I know that his current mental well being results in a high level of anxiety and fear of being put on the spot. While Joseph's mother is trying she could definitely use some support and would welcome this opportunity for Joseph to go to the Island and be surrounded by love and support, patience and wisdom and a mindset that says everyone can be a leader. To me this is what Mayhew is all about; this is why this program is so critical for boys like Joseph. I have seen first hand the life long impact that the Mayhew program has on the boys who I have referred in the past and who have grown tremendously. I hope that Joseph will also be a Mayhew camper.