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Bristol Elementary School



Guardian Info:

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300 Lake St.

Apt. 4




Guardian/Family Phone:

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Living Situation:

Single Mother

Financial Situation:


Free/Reduced Lunch:



How many live in the household?


How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

Colin currently lives with his mom in an apartment in Bristol. Colin's dad recently got out of jail and seems to be doing well and becoming a more active part of Colin's life. Colin's sister Melody (age 15) recently moved out of their place and now lives with the dad in Plymouth I believe. Colin has been attending TTCC programs for years now. We've had to deal with some significant behavior and anger issues over the years with him but it has gotten better as he's gotten older. In fact, this year, Colin has been helping some of the younger kids as they have issues in our program. Colin's mom Wanda is great - she's a hard working lady and does her best to provide for him but I think it's been tough on her as a single mom without much support so at the end of the day, Colin plays a lot of video games and gets to do what he wants.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

He participates in the TTCC's after school and summer camp programs. He also recently started playing in some of our organized sports leagues. He loves soccer & basketball.

Special Assistance:

He has an IEP for his ADHD

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:


Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:


Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

When he'd get upset here during a game sometimes he's refuse to listen and go off and kick the couch or the wall but that was about it

Required Physical Restraint:

Not that I know of, not here at the TTCC

Personality / Social Standing:

He's pretty popular and outgoing. He's very athletic. He's more of a leader than a follower. He used to have a hard time with authority and if things didn't go his way, he would refuse to listen. But that has gotten significantly better this year. He seems to interact with peers pretty well - sometimes he gets frustrated with others if they don't do what he wants as he wants to be in charge and wants things to go his way.

Behavioral Patterns:

He loves sports & competitions. He's very good at them and very competitive. If things don't go his way here is when he's at his worst. Now that he's older though, we've seen him calm down a bit and he really has been great helping younger kids deal with issues when they get hurt or are sad. It's been awesome to see.


Colin is a great kid. Overall, he does very well here. We play games constantly and he loves that. He is overly-competitive so we've had to rein him in to help him when he gets carried away. We've seen tremendous growth from him over the past few years and this year he's doing very well as he's show great leadership potential by helping many of the younger kids here and taking them under his wing. He hasn't had strong male role models in his life as he's grown up with his single mom and his sister. They have done their best, but you can tell he needs that male role model and I think Mayhew would provide that to him. I truly believe Colin has potential for greatness. He's one of the best athletes I've seen here and with some proper guidance, I hope he stays with sports and finds that is a healthy outlet for him. I think he would be a great candidate for this program and hope you will consider him. I would be glad to talk more about it if you require more info.

Thank you!
Dan MacLean