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Candidate Data:
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Hawkins, Jr.

Date of Birth:









Belmont Elementary School



Guardian Info:

First Name:


Last Name:

Hawkins, Sr.


334 Depot Street




Guardian/Family Phone:

Guardian/Family Email Address:

Living Situation:

Single Father

Financial Situation:


Free/Reduced Lunch:



How many live in the household?


How many work and/or provide income to support the household?


Household Situation:

"Junior" (that's what he goes by) lives with his father who is an older gentleman with with a few health problems, mainly cancer. My understanding is that he is on disability and does not have a job outside of the home. Junior's mother is in New York and lost custody rights to him (and hasn't seen or spoken to him since) two years ago. Junior's siblings from his mother are scattered throughout NY, whereas Junior's siblings through his father are adults with their own children Junior's age, and they live throughout NH. Junior does not have many typical childhood experiences--he does a lot of chores at home, feels the need to take care of his dad, and does not have a lot of opportunity to play with kids his own age.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

Plays town rec baseball and soccer

Special Assistance:

IEP, weekly school counseling (if not daily)

Health Concerns:


Victim of Sexual Abuse:


Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:


Victim of Physical Abuse:


Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

On occasion, has been aggressive/threatening towards peers who make him angry

Required Physical Restraint:

Not in years

Personality / Social Standing:

Junior can be anxious in new situations, or with new people, or in crowded/loud settings. He occasionally chooses to use headphone to block out noise. He is one to question authority and not follow rules, while also be a staunch rule-follower and tell others what they shouldn't be doing. He is awkward with peers--sensitive, takes things to heart, but also bossy and possessive.

Behavioral Patterns:

Argumentative: Junior will argue with adults or other students if they question his viewpoint, point out a poor choice he made, or ask him to complete non-preferred and/or academic task
Noncompliance: Junior will sometimes passively refuse to complete tasks, and other times will actively refuse to complete tasks by stating that he will not do something; walking away or out of the room; noise-making, crawling on the floor


Junior is a hands-on, active young man. He is into four-wheeling, trucks, and mechanics. He wants to help and fix things. He seeks personal connection, and if he has it, he does well and is positive. He needs Mayhew to help him continue to form healthy connections but to also cope with being apart, leaving connections. Because of his poor relationship with his mother early on, Junior struggles with getting what he needs emotionally because he is afraid of it going and not being a constant. He tends to push away those close to him because I think he is trying to protect himself from the hurt of losing. He also needs time to be a kid--instead of chores and worrying about the health of his father. Junior has always walked a fine line of "being a man" and being a child. He often goes from one extreme to the other--repairing things around the school like he works there, to tantrumming in the classroom because he didn't get his way. I think Mayhew is a perfect environment to help him continue to learn balance.