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Beech St Elementary School



Guardian Info:

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285 Lake Ave

2nd Floor




Guardian/Family Phone:

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Living Situation:

Single Mother

Financial Situation:


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How many live in the household?


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Household Situation:

Hadonis lives with his mother, 2 brothers. His middle sister has recently moved out of the apartment. His eldest sister is not allowed to live in the home due to a pattern of emotional, verbal and physical abuse that she has engaged in. Hadonis is the youngest of the children and mom reports that he has a very close, bonded relationship with her. Hadonis' brothers and sisters have all faced their own personal challenges which their mother has been required to manage on her own.

Organizations / Mentor Programs:

None at this time.

Special Assistance:

None but Hadonis does take medication for ADHD and utilizes support from administration and guidance when needed. He also does meet with a counselor at school approximately 1x per week.

Health Concerns:

Excema which is controlled with cream.

Victim of Sexual Abuse:

None known

Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse:

None known

Victim of Physical Abuse:

Hadonis has been witness to physical abuse in the home. His oldest sister has acted physically toward him.

Threatening or Aggressive Behavior:

Hadonis can engage at times in physical rough housing with his brothers. He does not act out physically toward peers in the community.

Required Physical Restraint:

None known

Personality / Social Standing:

Hadonis has ADHD, for which he takes medication. When is consistently supported by his medication he is well liked and engages typically with his peers in activities. He enjoys physical activity and uses his time at recess well. Hadonis is extroverted but cautious with new people. When he has established a rapport, he engages well and in interesting conversation. He seems to feel best and most confident when he is taking his medication to support focus and concentration. He is able to recognize the difficulty that emerges when he doesn't take this medication. When Hadonis is not consistently supported by his medication, his ADHD becomes quite challenging for him, his peers and adults. He will question and disobey authority, mostly passively with refusal or avoidance. He may seemingly annoy or antagonize his peers, in ways that he appears to find humorous and are likely a bid for attention and joining by peers.

Behavioral Patterns:

Hadonis is a curious and enthusiastic boy. When is he treated properly for his medication, these traits shine through in a positive manner. When he is not able to manage his symptoms of ADHD, Hadonis can be irritating and oppositional toward peers and adults. He is able to ask for help but once this help is offered, he may become frustrated and abandon the task or effort. He seems to be discouraged by anticipated struggle and will need coaching and further practice in persisting through challenge. This may possibly be a by product of he ADHD, where his compromised attention span allows him to quickly move from one interest, idea or task to another, whether it has been completed or not.


Hadonis is very motivated by attention and once established in a trusting relationship, she seems to thrive from the positive adult connection. Hadonis is curious about things, enjoys the outdoors and is developing a good sense of humor. Hadonis has a great potential for positive engagement in this program.

Some struggles that hadonis might experience would primarily be due to inconsistent treatment for his ADHD. He makes impulsive decisions that often irritate people and push potential allies away, when he is not properly treated with medication. he is learning to recognize his ADHD symptoms and sees the improvement in behavior and how he feels when he is treated. It is hoped that as he continues to mature and his treatment is stable, he will further solidy healthy behavior responses and coping habits to manage his symptoms.