Will you join us? Summer 2022

As April showers clear up the ice on Newfound Lake, and glimmers of warm weather can be felt in the air across the state of New Hampshire, the Mayhew Program is gearing up for the summer of 2022! In a matter of months, young men from across New Hampshire will be out on the island getting a chance to swim, learn new skills, play sports, and find what it means to be their best. If you are interested in coming out to participate in one of our Island Tours this summer, please contact monica@mayhew.org for more information.

Mayhew is currently looking for individuals who are interested in helping to facilitate the summer for the boys, to provide for them the best possible summer experience, and to work on their own professional skills in youth development. If you or someone you know would be interested in this summer employment opportunity, feel free to call Mayhew's Program Director, Grayson Richey, at 603-254-3909, or visit our employment pages to learn more and fill out the application there

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