The First "Funday" of the Summer

Updated: Jul 5

Table 6, Limited Edition, Brendan C., Allan B., Ronnie L. enjoying a meal in the dining room.


Day 5

Homily: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

It is currently session one, day 5 on the island and the boys are on their first “Thursday Funday” trips. Traditionally called Monday Funday, “Thursday Funday” is a period where boys get to decide which "funtrip" or activity they want to participate in. Today, the options were: Kayak/Canoeing, Library/Swim/Chillax, Sport & Swim Extravaganza, and trips off island to Squam Lake Science Center, Sculptured Rocks, and for biking.

We are also pleased to report that the boys have decided on their cabin names for the summer. In cabin 1, we have The Super Splash Bros. In cabin 2, we have the Western Boys. In 3, they are now referred to as Cold Cuts. Cabin 4 is now known as The Future Links. In Cabin 5 the boys are now known as First Class. And finally in cabin 6, we have Limited Edition.

Words from boys:

-Dominic | Cabin: Limited Edition | Activity: Sculptured Rocks

-“3 of us jumped off a rock and landed on our butts, it hurt!”

-Dominic has been to Sculptured Rocks a few times with his family. He told me how another boy, Harry was feeling a little nervous and how he was able to encourage him to finally take the jump. The boys performed many cannonballs throughout the trip and Dominic says he would recommend other guys to elect Sculptured Rocks for the next Funday Trip.


-Alex | Cabin: The Super Splash Bros | Activity: Biking

- “Going downhill was my favorite.” In this trip, the boys biked from the base house in Bristol all the way to Alexandria (about 6 mi). Alex tells me they even stopped to pet a horse named Casper. Alex recalls that it “felt very nice to feel the wind and breeze in [his] face.”


Cam| Cabin: Limited Edition | Activity: Squam Lake Science Center

Cam really wanted to see the bat exhibit but unfortunately his group took the wrong path. However, Cam did manage to see some frogs, deer, and even a real-life tiger. He tells me his favorite exhibit was the fox exhibit because his favorite color is red. Cam says he recommends other boys to go to the science center to check out “the very cool stuff to look at.”


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