First Session, Day 3

Homily for the day: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” —Albert Einstein

All six cabin groups now have names and are ready to start sprinting into their group identities.  Cabin 1 is now Rocky Road.  Cabin 2 is Crescendo.  Cabin 3 is Nutty Buddies.  Cabin 4 is Sandwich Smashers.  Cabin 5 is Cattle Drive and Cabin 6 is Aftershock.

Essentially brand new to Mayhew but obviously an old hand at being more than welcoming and polite, first-year boy Jonathon notes to Mayhew staffer Pam White at the end of her lunch with the Sandwich Smashers, “Well, I hope we’ve made lunch enjoyable for you.”  The delight Pam has in the retelling of this moment is the answer, Jonathon.

Aftershock returns from its successful first hike together, up Mts. Morgan and Percival.  This was also the first hike of this 50th Mayhew summer.  Parker was a steady and helpful presence throughout the day, reaching out a hand to whoever needed it, whenever they needed it.  Ryan had a tough time in the beginning of the hike but seemed to adjust well as time went on, becoming a steadily reliable presence and support, too.

During free time before dinner, Ben (Sandwich Smashers) notices a staff member with a camera, taking in a few minutes of the floor hockey action.  Ben quips with a smile, “Oh, oh, I’m going to be on Facebook.”…Cabin Counselor Giancarlo Negroni shows off the large palm tree the boys in the balloon shaping achievement created during their 45 minutes together…Out on the beach, there’s more activity with Alex (Crescendo) and Ethan (Nutty Buddies) joining Senior Staff Ed Thompson in a game of catch.  Nearby, Isiah (Aftershock), Jonathon (Sandwich Smashers), Allen (Aftershock), Kainan (Nutty Buddies), Anthony (Cattle Drive) and Ben (Sandwich Smashers) – who apparently is still trying to get on Facebook – try to organize a hasty game of touch football before the dinner bell rings…Also trying to beat the bell, Zareth (Rocky Road) works in a determined way on solving the Rubik’s Cube. 

At dinner with Rocky Road, Rowing Counselor Sarah Finley asks Josh if he could choose any Achievement, what would it be.  Without any hesitation, Josh answers: “Climbing.”  He’s looking forward to all the climbs on Island and has some good experience from back home, climbing lots of trees around his neighborhood…Allen, who is the waiter for Rocky Road all day, makes yet another trip to the waiter’s window to resupply his cabin group with food, water, milk and bug juice.  “This is the fifth time I’ve been up here [this meal].”

Before dinner dessert is served, Senior Staff Colin Lucas makes a special announcement: Today, is a very special day for two members of the community, Kainan (Nutty Buddies) who is celebrating his 11th birthday and Quin (Crescendo) who is celebrating his 12th.  Colin leads the Dining Hall in singing Happy Birthday to both boys as a candled piece of cake is delivered to each boy at his table.  Following this, chocolate covered sponge cake is delivered to every other “dessert eligible” boy and staff member in the Dining Hall who ate their meals.  Jovanni (Rocky Road) gets started on his cake with a big smile.  When he is asked what his favorite dessert is, he squeezes out between bites, “This, right now!”  After dessert is cleared, it’s time, as always, for announcements.  We hear that in the basketball achievement, Julien (Crescendo) jumped in to help the staff help teach some of the skills to the other boys…In the chess achievement, Gabe (Sandwich Smashers) started the period in kind of a down mood, apparently from some earlier disappointment.  But he strategized a remedy as the period progressed and made it a positive experience for himself and his fellow chess players.

When it is announced that Rocky Road will have a chance on the bouldering wall this evening, guess who has a wide, wide smile?  Yup, Josh, your first step into the Mayhew climbing program begins! 

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