First Session, Day 1

Zareth (Cabin 1) steps into history by being the first to arrive for Mayhew’s 50th summer!  He and his family then happily offer their help in setting up for the arrival of all the other boys and families.  Thank you so much!

Two making a comeback…Quin (Cabin 2) spots Ben (Cabin 4) in the parking lot and a wide smile shoots across his face, “Ben!”  This inspires an instant smile with Ben…Fellow second-year boy, Isaiah (Cabin 6) notes that one of his goals this summer is “to actually participate in Challenge Day,” which was a struggle for him last year.  Isaiah then goes on to describe what it takes to earn membership in the Outer Circle, the Island honor society, “Do your best.  Make sure you’re on track and doing what you need to do.” 

Arriving to help “ring in” the 50th summer are three men with deep Mayhew roots, reaching back to the 70’s: Former Executive Directors Al Cantor and Roger Larochelle and 1978 Mayhew alum Michael Eschenbach and his wife – both in NH for a time before returning to Saudi Arabia, where Michael is a school principal. 

Arriving just in time to get to the Island for lunch is Jonathon (Cabin 4), fresh off his championship game in baseball, which apparently was a game for the ages, with a few lead changes, spectacular catches, clutch hits and an edge-of-your-seat ending.  While Jonathon’s team came up a run shy on the scoreboard, he and his family excitedly share many of the game’s highlights.  It was the sort of game where both teams deserved to win –and, in a way, both teams did. 

Following lunch, Michael Eschenbach shares some of his appreciation for his Mayhew roots and some wisdom in the form of three key phrases he has found helpful in his work with others, “Hey, I’m sorry man,” “That was awesome [noticing others for their achievements],” and “I can do it.”  Some more wisdom from Michael greets visitors to the Base House as they walk in the front door: “When I reached a place in my life where I needed to start achieving real results, Mayhew’s magic kicked in.  I began to earn my way and really work for a living.  My attitude toward work changed on Mayhew Island, where blisters were a badge of merit.” 

Here’s to the blisters and smiles and challenges and fun ahead!  Here’s to Mayhew and everyone who made this first day memorable and historic.

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