Thank you for considering to be a Mayhew Ambassador.

Mission: Mayhew challenges and helps at-risk New Hampshire boys to believe in themselves, work well with others, and find their best. 


Mayhew’s unique combination of residential summer programming and school year mentoring providing boys with a foundation for success in school, employment, and life. Mayhew is tuition-free, year-round, eight-years, all for the boys.  


Mayhew’s rigorous 25-day residential summer camp program engages boys in structured programming to develop lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For many of the boys, Mayhew is their first opportunity to find out who they can be and how much they can do in a setting away from outside influences. 


Mayhew’s overall goal is for each boy to live by the program ideals of responsibility, respect, community, and challenge.  

Mayhew receives no state, federal funding, the majority of our funding is from individual donors.  That’s where your help comes in helping us spread the good work of Mayhew. 


The overall commitment is simple, and we hope you will find it enjoyable and rewarding. We are asking that you support the program in the following ways: 

  • Visit the Island for lunch or dinner at least every other year. It’s the best way to “feel” the program and to meet the boys. 

  • Attend one regional meeting with staff and boys. You will be asked to comment on the program, and we will make sure you have whatever information you may need. 

  • Whenever possible, connect the Executive Director and/or Development Director with interested parties. This could be a potential donor or a speaking opportunity.

  • Seek out opportunities to talk about Mayhew’s history and outcomes. We will make sure you have the information you need. 

  • Keep up to date with program activities, accomplishments, and needs. 

  • Suggest to people in your circle of influence to attend a regional meeting and/or visit the island during session times. 

  • If you are active on social media, we ask that you help Mayhew increase its reach on Facebook and LinkedIn.  We may start Instagram in the near future.

  • Make a financial contribution you are comfortable with in support of the program.

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